A Letter to Whomever Broke Into This Car Last Week

Last week, after Neighbor Jes parked just south of Cortland Avenue, someone broke in to her car.. There was nothing inside the car worth stealing, so Neighbor Jes wrote this letter to the would-be thief:

To whomever broke into my car Tuesday evening,

Well it’s obvious why you chose my car. Two-toned duck-tape holding up my passenger side mirror, on an old beat-up 2003 Nissan. Absolutely nothing inside but a few cassette tapes which you rummaged through and didn’t seem to appreciate. You stole nothing, but you left me a new umbrella. Thanks kindly.

Neighbors beware. My car was parked on Anderson near jarboe. Looks like the perpetrators were looking for money, any technology, &/or a garage door opener.

Neighbor Jes

PHOTO: Car after the break-in, courtesy of Neighbor Jes

Woman Attacks 14 Year-Old Student at Paul Revere School

From SFGate:

A girl was taken to a hospital after a 30-year-old woman came to her school and punched her, police said Monday.

The woman showed up at the 14-year-old girl’s Bernal Heights school at 11 a.m. on Friday and began arguing with her before the altercation turned physical, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

The woman then allegedly pushed the girl to the ground and punched her. The altercation was broken up by school staff and the woman fled in an unknown direction, police said.

IMAGE: Paul Revere School, by Telstar Logistics

ALERT! Fabio the Gargoyle Guardian of Esmeralda Slide Park Is Missing

Alert! Alert! Alert! Fabio the Gargoyle has been plundered!

For many moons Fabio has stood watch over the wonderful Esmeralda Slide Park on the west slope of Bernal Heights. Yet now it seems some scoundrel has absconded with the pensive neighborhood sentinel.

Neighbor Michelle tells Bernalwood:

Some sad news to pass on. “Fabio”, the Esmeralda Slide Park gargoyle, has gone missing once again. In the past when this has happened in his previous home location, he would happily turned up in a variety of nearby locations. This time the thieves bent some re-bar to remove him and haul all 50+ pounds of gargoyle away. Asking Bernal neighbors to keep watch, and let us know if you spot him.

Please be on the lookout for Fabio, and contact Bernalwood if you see him.

PHOTO: Fabio the Gargoyle, keeping an eye on Esmeralda Slide Park before he disappeared

Bernal Neighbor Recovers Stolen Scooter From 101/Chavez Encampment


One Saturday night, someone stole Neighbor Tony’s scooter from outside his home on Precita Avenue.

On Sunday, another neighbor spotted his scooter inside the homeless encampment under the Cesar Chavez/101 interchange. Neighbor Tony tells Bernalwood what happened next:

A neighbor called, and said he saw my scooter under 101 bypass at Ceaser Chavez.

Sure enough it was there, sticking half way out of a tent. We called the police, but to be honest, no police came. So we waved down an officer on a dirt bike. He walked us in, and allowed us to get the bike back.

So let’s just say we stole it back, and they shouldn’t be back for awhile. That tent city probably holds a lot of people’s treasures.

PHOTO: Neighbor Tony walking his recovered scooter back home from the Chavez/101 encampment

Bernal Dwellings Residents Want More Police Patrols to Halt Gun Violence


As you may recall, SFPD’s Mission Station organized a community safety meeting last Wednesday in response to an ongoing series of gun-related incidents along the Cesar Chavez corridor that have been linked to the Bernal Dwellings affordable housing complex.

MissionLocal attended the meeting, and reporter Laura Waxman writes that Bernal Dwellings residents want more consistent police coverage:

While small in size, the four-block development is prone to violence, and residents there said that conditions have worsened, causing many to remain indoors for fear of being targeted.

“It’s very scary to live here right now because at any moment somebody can come by and start shooting or if they see somebody outside they see them as a target,” said Gina Guitron, Bernal Dwellings’ property manager who is also a resident there.

A January 26 shooting that injured a 52-year-old man while standing in front of a house at 26th Street and Treat Avenue and a 43-year-old man who was targeted moments later while walking in the area prompted Mission Station Police Captain Daniel Perea to call for the community meeting in an effort to discuss neighborhood safety.

On January 1, 21-year-old Ernesto Rosales was shot at 26th and Shotwell streets, marking the city’s first homicide of the year.

“When things happen, we have to step up our presence, we have officers going through here day and night to make sure that this area remains safe,” said Perea.

In response to the recent violence, Perea said that Mission station officers have been assigned swing shifts to extend patrol hours, and support from other units has been requested to ensure greater coverage of the area.

But some residents who attended the meeting said that they did not feel safe at all and that police’s response is too little and often comes too late.

Read the complete story at MissionLocal.

PHOTO:  Markers on the street indicate where gun casings were found after an October 2016 shooting at Precita Park that police linked to gang-related activity around Bernal Dwellings. Photo by Telstar Logistics

Thursday: SFPD Public Safety Meeting on Shootings Around Bernal Dwellings


The uptick in gun-related crime in the area around the Bernal Dwellings public housing complex on Cesar Chavez continues.

Most recently, there was a shooting at 10 pm on Thursday, Jan. 26 at 26th and Treat that left two men injured, as well as a barrage of gunfire at 26th and South Van Ness at 9:30 pm last Friday, Jan. 27.

In response, Captain Dan Perea from the SFPD’s Mission Station will convene a public safety meeting on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6 pm at the Garfield Square Park Clubhouse.

Capt. Perea writes:

I am writing to extend an invitation for a public safety meeting I am holding on Thursday, February 2nd, at 6pm. The meeting will be held at Garfield Park Clubhouse.

I have invited representatives from the Mayor’s Street Violence Intervention Program, Bernal dwellings management, SFPD Gang Task Force, Mission Station Housing Team and the District Attorney’s Office.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss recent violence and the response we are engaged in to prevent further occurrences.

I recognize this is not a great deal of notice. However, I want everyone in the community to know we are working on this issue to keep everyone safe and have an opportunity to ask questions at a meeting held to discuss this specific issue.

Thank you

Captain Dan Perea
Commanding Officer
Mission Station


PHOTO: SFPD responding to a shooting in Precita Park in October, 2016, by Telstar Logistics

Two Violent Crimes Plague Precita Avenue Over the Weekend


Neighbors living near Precita Park are concerned about two violent crimes that took place in the area over the weekend.

Late Saturday night, a neighbor witnessed an assault in Precita Park, as a man on a bike attacked a man walking near the west end of the park. The witness says the victim was apparently beaten to the point of near-uncsciousness.

Then, on Sunday night, Precita Avenue was blocked off west of Shotwell, as SFPD investigated a stabbing that occurred on the steps into the big parking lot along the 100 block of Precita.

Bernalwood reached out to Captain McFadden from SFPD Ingleside this morning for comment. He said both of the weekend incidents are likely connected to the recent wave of gang-related crime. Capt. McFadden told Bernalwood:

All are related to the same gang activity of a few individuals. The [stabbing] victim will be ok. The Gang Task Force is handling the investigation, and hopes to make arrests in the case soon, which should stop the activity completely.

PHOTO: SFPD investigating the scene of the stabbing on the 100 block of Precita Avenue, December 4, 2016, by Telstar Logistics