Bernal Neighbor Recovers Stolen Scooter From 101/Chavez Encampment


One Saturday night, someone stole Neighbor Tony’s scooter from outside his home on Precita Avenue.

On Sunday, another neighbor spotted his scooter inside the homeless encampment under the Cesar Chavez/101 interchange. Neighbor Tony tells Bernalwood what happened next:

A neighbor called, and said he saw my scooter under 101 bypass at Ceaser Chavez.

Sure enough it was there, sticking half way out of a tent. We called the police, but to be honest, no police came. So we waved down an officer on a dirt bike. He walked us in, and allowed us to get the bike back.

So let’s just say we stole it back, and they shouldn’t be back for awhile. That tent city probably holds a lot of people’s treasures.

PHOTO: Neighbor Tony walking his recovered scooter back home from the Chavez/101 encampment

18 thoughts on “Bernal Neighbor Recovers Stolen Scooter From 101/Chavez Encampment

  1. We have often wondered how the people in the encampments all over the City have SO MANY bikes and bike parts. It looks like everyone is in the repair business. Hate to say it, but they are likely not their bikes.

  2. They really need to come up with a more permanent solution to close down that camp. It’s super sketchy if you’re walking the pathway alone, and the car break-ins (and other thievery) are out of control. I know one woman who’s car was broken into 3 times in 3 months while parked near Precita Park. She’s a working mother who can’t afford to constantly replace her car windows. Either step up police patrols in the area, or shut down the camp (or both). Either should at least moderately reduce some of the crime

  3. So, it sounds like the cops did nothing but walk you in and out?
    If so that’s sad!
    Stoked you got it back!

  4. Tony is a dear friend. Very glad he got his bike back. About a month ago his brother’s bike was stolen. Unfortunately, not found yet.
    On Market Street/6th Street as well as Mission/16th St there are a lot of bikes.. You can pretty much forget about the District 6 and 9 supervisors doing anything about this. Army Street going East is a complete dumping ground.

      • Why wouldn’t he call the cops? A crime was committed and he was entering a potentially hostile situation to recover his property. We pay tax dollars for a police force to help us when crimes are committed.

        I am no “law and order” advocate, mind you (I think Trump, for instance, is the vilest human on the planet). But these property crimes are a serious problem and the thieves need to at least sort of fear some recourse for these brazen acts of theft. I have lived in NE Bernal for 5 years and have been the victim of 4 different car and home burglaries. It’s absurd.

  5. hillary ronen doesn’t care. She just passes the buck by blaming the mayor for the homeless camps. The taxpayers who live in the mission and bernal heights are paying the price for her indifference.

  6. My moped was stolen and spotted as well, but not recovered. You’re lucky!

    If the cops would help out about a little more about things like this I’d feel much better about both the cops and the homeless being around.

  7. All San Franciscoicops can be bothered with are their overtime and pension rackets, when they are not chasing after a juicy”asset forfeiture”.

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