A Letter to Whomever Broke Into This Car Last Week

Last week, after Neighbor Jes parked just south of Cortland Avenue, someone broke in to her car.. There was nothing inside the car worth stealing, so Neighbor Jes wrote this letter to the would-be thief:

To whomever broke into my car Tuesday evening,

Well it’s obvious why you chose my car. Two-toned duck-tape holding up my passenger side mirror, on an old beat-up 2003 Nissan. Absolutely nothing inside but a few cassette tapes which you rummaged through and didn’t seem to appreciate. You stole nothing, but you left me a new umbrella. Thanks kindly.

Neighbors beware. My car was parked on Anderson near jarboe. Looks like the perpetrators were looking for money, any technology, &/or a garage door opener.

Neighbor Jes

PHOTO: Car after the break-in, courtesy of Neighbor Jes

10 thoughts on “A Letter to Whomever Broke Into This Car Last Week

  1. Same happened to me but I think I actually left the doors unlocked making it even easier. They went through the car, pulled everything out and didn’t take or even break anything. I think they were only looking for a garage door opener as there were lots of little things of value overlooked. On Alabama near Precita Park.

  2. I had my front door kicked in when I was on vacation last summer. I almost felt insulted, when despite rummaging through my house, the intruders couldn’t find anything worth taking except for a wallet filled with expired discount cards that they dropped in the street a few blocks away. Guess they discovered how little “bling” a single parent supporting 3 kids through college has.

  3. my car has been broken into on Anderson near Thompkins twice in the last year. nothing but a car stereo remote and small stuffed toy has been taken. both times a big mess has been left behind. the police don’t even take a police report unless there is an obvious form of entry. since I don’t keep anything valuable in the car I go ahead and leave unlocked to avoid window replacement costs. homeless campsites at foot of Cortland & Bayshore and too many bars on Cortland seem to be the birthplaces of these stupid crimes.

  4. My car too, though I don’t know for sure how he got in. He took my auto registration and a handicapped placard which had two weeks remaining. I don’t keep anything in the car other than what’s needed e.g. spare tire, jack etc. I leave my glove compartment open with the dismal contents hanging out for all to see.

    • Be careful about the auto registration, I’ve heard recently that this is a target that thieves are taking for identity theft purposes. I warn people to look for their registration when they say their car was “ransacked but nothing of value taken”.

  5. I recently moved out of bernal area but my car window was smashed at Folsom and precita under a street light with nothing stolen but the old cds in my side console were sitting on the seat (I lock my glove box to not have my documents stolen). I had it fixed and two weeks later in front of my house at precita and shotwell, same window smashed and the perpetrator decided to smash the old cds as well! Don’t know what they are looking for but my car had nothing visible and was in great condition prior to their scratch marks on my door!

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