Bernal Neighbor Finds Solace in Revitalized Slide Park

"Now with a cushy landing pad at the end!"

“Now with a cushy landing pad at the end!”

A somber hush descended upon Bernal Heights in the aftermath of the presidential election, but Neighbor Tamara has found comfort in some simple joys close to home:

I was ascending the west slope yesterday after school drop-off and came upon this little bit of Bernal awesomeness.

On that rather grim morning, seeing the revitalized Esmeralda Slide Park made me smile. I assume that some amazing Bernal neighbors rallied to make this happen, so I’m sending out a very hearty THANK YOU on this sunny but bleak morning.

Chin up, Bernal. This is who we are, let’s keep being amazing.

"New planters!"

“New planters!”

"Cardboard holding device and primitive communication system"

“Cardboard holding device and primitive communication system”

"Bonus gargoyle situation"

“Bonus gargoyle situation”


8 thoughts on “Bernal Neighbor Finds Solace in Revitalized Slide Park

  1. Sweet story about Fabio the Gargoyle: had been MIA from a neighbor’s home on more than one occasion, and kept turning up like a gnome in all sorts of random nearby spots. Original owners are hoping he will stay put in his new digs.

  2. Delightful. That cardboard holding thingamabob is brilliant, as anyone who’s been to the Seward or GGP slides will tell you. Go gargoyle!

  3. Hi Bernalwood….I’ve been working with the the City for almost 2 years to continue the beautification of Esmeralda Slide Park. Last weekend we had a volunteer day sponsored by Public Works where City workers and 30 community members came out to plant in the new terraces constructed by Public Works. Public Works provided some plants, I just bought many more to put in the park. Nancy Windesheim and I designed the cardboard holder and my husband and I purchased and installed both bins to help us all keep the cardboard useful to descend the slide on and not remain as litter. This park takes an amazing amount of time and effort to make it as beautiful as it is. Please help by keeping the place free of litter and be respectful of the new plants….don’t climb in the new terrace beds by the slide and try and keep the dogs off of there at least until the plants take root. The new terraces without the planting beds are for all of you active folks to climb up the hillside and enjoy the challenge.

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