Two Men Wounded in Precita Park Shooting Saturday Night

Markers on the street indicate where gun casings were found

Markers on the street indicate where gun casings were found

A shooting last night at the eastern end of Precita Park left two men wounded — one seriously. The shooting occurred at around 9 pm, on Alabama at Precita, directly across the street from the Precita Park Cafe.

Neighbors said they heard as many as 12 shots fired. Officers at the scene said the two wounded men exchanged gunfire with a passing car. As officers scoured the scene with flashlights, they left markers on the street to identify the locations where gun casings had been found.

One officer said said the victims were both young Latino males, and both were transported to the hospital. Another officer suggested that the shootings were probably not random, and that the victims were not providing information to the SFPD.

MissionLocal reports the victims were both in their late 20s, and that one of the men had suffered life-threatening injuries.

Bernalwood will update this story as additional information becomes available.


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11 thoughts on “Two Men Wounded in Precita Park Shooting Saturday Night

  1. This when I got home last night. My Street was blocked. Cops everywhere! Let’s move to the burbs!


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  2. I live on Precita Ave, directly across from the playground where the shootings took place. I stepped out the front door to walk my guests out as they leave. As I struggled to unlock my front door to re-enter my flat, I heard what I know as gun shots, rapid gun shots pop, pop, pop, pop… about 12 to 15 rounds. I heard the bullets hitting the metal toys of the children’s playground..ting, ting ting. That’s when I realized I was in dangers way. There were around 10 to 12 young adults fleeing from the area of the shootings headed towards Folsom Street. I saw a couple of males helping each other walk away from the scene as if they were wounded. It took approximately 15 minutes for the police and ambulance to arrive. The authorities marked and closed the areas of the park and streets from Harrison to Alabama along Precita Ave from around 9:30pm until 3:30am Saturday night. I didn’t look out my living room window until 12 noon the following day, Sunday. Behold, there were many people enjoying the wonderful day at Precita Park. Someone was celebrating their 10th birthday at the same location where the shootings took place..and I said to myself…”What a Wonderful World”

    • I think I had a much different reaction. Mine was, Wow, we were just in that playground a couple hours earlier. Since it was a warm night and people were out later than usual I was thinking that this is crazy that we have gang crossfire in our playgrounds not at 3am, but 9pm on a weekend. I was thinking, how is it possible we don’t have CCTV in that park?
      Anyways, glad others can just keep whistling away.

    • Glad you noticed this, Lisa. I came to post the same thing, I bet the two incidents are related. My brother and his wife were seated outside at Al’s place, the kid was shot right next to their table. On the sidewalk, 5 feet away. They thought he was dead.

      • Jack I am so very sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers to your family, and to the young man who was shot.

  3. Some years back when there were shootings around Valencia and 22nd, one of the neighborhood groups got together with various gang people to hear what they had to say. The gang guys said that they were shooting each other than that they were sorry that other people might be in harm’s way. They were asked to please take their differences elsewhere. Apparently the gang folks complied because how long has it been since anybody’s heard of any gunfire near Valencia and 22nd? Maybe it’s time to have a Bernal meeting and invite the gang people and talk it out.

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