Thursday: SFPD Public Safety Meeting on Shootings Around Bernal Dwellings


The uptick in gun-related crime in the area around the Bernal Dwellings public housing complex on Cesar Chavez continues.

Most recently, there was a shooting at 10 pm on Thursday, Jan. 26 at 26th and Treat that left two men injured, as well as a barrage of gunfire at 26th and South Van Ness at 9:30 pm last Friday, Jan. 27.

In response, Captain Dan Perea from the SFPD’s Mission Station will convene a public safety meeting on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6 pm at the Garfield Square Park Clubhouse.

Capt. Perea writes:

I am writing to extend an invitation for a public safety meeting I am holding on Thursday, February 2nd, at 6pm. The meeting will be held at Garfield Park Clubhouse.

I have invited representatives from the Mayor’s Street Violence Intervention Program, Bernal dwellings management, SFPD Gang Task Force, Mission Station Housing Team and the District Attorney’s Office.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss recent violence and the response we are engaged in to prevent further occurrences.

I recognize this is not a great deal of notice. However, I want everyone in the community to know we are working on this issue to keep everyone safe and have an opportunity to ask questions at a meeting held to discuss this specific issue.

Thank you

Captain Dan Perea
Commanding Officer
Mission Station


PHOTO: SFPD responding to a shooting in Precita Park in October, 2016, by Telstar Logistics

5 thoughts on “Thursday: SFPD Public Safety Meeting on Shootings Around Bernal Dwellings

  1. Thank you for this, Bernalwood. Mission Local never announces meetings like this until after they happen, and then they can only quote their selected/preferred people (check on ML – no announcement). Interesting that our new supervisor won’t be there.

  2. I like Captain Dan Perea’s outreach efforts. I met him at a Leonard Flynn school event and he organized the popular Garfield Park movie night a while back. I hope he has something of substance to share at this meeting.

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