Eye of the Avocado Re-Pops Inside Little Bee Baking


As you may recall, waaaaaaaay back in January Bernlwood wrote about Chef Jes Taber and the Eye of the Avocado pop-up breakfast and lunch sandwich place she opened on Cortland Avenue inside the former Sandbox/Pinkie’s Bakery space.

As you may also recall, Eye of the Avocado attracted substantial love and affection, thanks to Chef Jes’s cult-favorite  “Roy G. Biv Sandi” egg sandwich, which Bernalwood readers have described as “a slice of heaven” and “by far the best [breakfast sandwich] I’ve ever had.”

Whoa. With bona fides like that, we’re pleased to report that Chef Jes has now relocated her pop-up just up the street, inside the fabulous Little Bee Baking shop at 521 Cortland, right across from the library.

She tells Bernalwood:

Eye Of The Avocado, is a Pop Up Cafe at 521 Cortland @ Little Bee Bakery. We’re excited to continue to be part of the beloved Bernal Heights community. We offer one of the best dang egg sandwiches you will ever eat, the “Roy G. Biv Sandi”. (It’s name is the acronym for the rainbow, after it’s colorful ingredients.)

We are open Fri – Sun 8am-ish – Sell Out or 2pm. We are proud to be working within Little Bee Bakery. Little Bee offers amazing fresh fruit tarts, fresh ginger cake that will make your heart soar, gluten free brownies, & four barrel coffee to boot.

We hope to see you soon!

PHOTO: The famous Roy G. Biv Sandi + Bacon, courtesy of Eye of the Avocado

18 thoughts on “Eye of the Avocado Re-Pops Inside Little Bee Baking

  1. Hey, I know what: how about the pop-up actually STAY in the space and offer their best-dang sandwiches with the convenience of knowing that the store will be there when you want their sandwich and not at sporadic times! Crazy idea, I know, but my mental hospital is also a “pop-up” too.

  2. Hope they get more reasonable with their pricing!

    I mean $15 really is the most expensive egg sandwich in the City, I’ve looked! We in Bernal aren’t all that wealthy to afford this. I would have to spend $45 to feed 3 kids and they still won’t be full, it’s a (1 egg sandwich). The sandwich however is really good! don’t get me wrong, but inaccessible to most of us around here, for a breakfast on the go.

    • My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, eating on Cortland is almost entirely out of my family’s financial reach. We take a bus and head to Daly City for occasional restaurant dinners.

      • I feel ya Maureen!!

        The people of Bernal also need to stand up and defend our neighborhood by at least trying to keep it more affordable instead of allowing this gouging.

        I understand that you think this is a fair price for your sandwich, and that your base price is $10, but that is not for the ROY G BIV signature sandwich that you are promoting, that is for the ROY G I. I know you are using quality ingredients but still the price is very steep and inaccessible to most around here.

        Maybe a short tour of the City’s egg sandwiches will be helpful before you claim that $15 is a fair price for an egg sandwich to go.

        Here are a few examples of noteworthy places that also use quality ingredients and offer a place to eat their fare: I’ve tried them all and they are very good!

        Precita Park Cafe – Excellent egg sandwich with bacon and cheese and arugula for $8.95
        Plow – Amazing 2 egg sandwich with bacon $13
        Atlas Cafe – Egg sandwich with cheese and bacon $7.75 you might be able to add avocado for a little extra.
        Devil’s Teeth Baking Company – Breakfast sandwich, 2 eggs bacon and avocado $6.75
        BaconBacon – Egg sandwich with Bacon, cheese and avocado on a brioche bun $9.75
        Tartine – Croque monsieur, I know not an egg sandwich but close enough with ham and gruyere’, bechamel sauce and asparagus for 10.75 (this will feed two people)

        This is not meant to insult your efforts, I am also a business person know how valuable constructive critique can be, hopefully you will take it as such.

  3. storey,

    thanks for your feedback! i want to clarify that the sandwich is $10. if you add pasture raised / local bacon it’s $3 & substantial portion of organic avocado is $2. think of what you pay for high end pizza or a warm sandwich pretty much anywhere in sf (accounting for rent & fair wages for employees). the original sandwich is insanely good & honestly a fair price for the cost of ingredients. all that said, i’m working on a kid’s sandwich which will be no flair: egg, cheese, brioche & butter for $5. it’s a tough time for all service folks i know: baristas, butchers, cooks & bakers alike but we are trying to stay afloat in this brave new world : san francisco 2.0.

    i want to say thanks to todd for helping me get the word out! to all you insanely lovable bernalwoodians: you are the BEST!!! seriously, i love living + working in this community. it’s rich with everything i adore about san francisco. come by & let me feed you soon. 🌈, jes of eye of the avocado.

  4. The sandwiches are ok. Skimpy if you just order the basic sandwich. The price definitely does add up if you want any extras, like the avocado that the pop-up is named after For these prices, you can easily find a nice sit down/full service spot in the neighborhood.

    • My husband said the same thing. The sandwich is just OK. I’m willing to spend but not $15.00 for just OK.

      • Agreed. I’d rather spend the $15 on a sit down breakfast at Bernal Star, or go to Martha’s / Progressive for a $5 breakfast bagel. I support Jes and found her incredibly lovely when I visited her pop up, but want to be honest with my feedback. @Jes – wishing you lots of luck, and let us know if you figure out a way to bring those prices down!

  5. Ignore the naysayers, Bernalites. These are indeed spectacular, unbelievably good sandwiches. Sure you can get a cheaper egg sandwich at a diner on mission street and welcome to it, but these are indeed some of the best breakfast sandwiches you will ever taste. I hope she finds a permanent space somewhere soon, either in the Cortland pop up space, or perhaps at a deli counter in one of the grocery stores?

  6. i think a good business person will listen to all this feedback and incorporate it into their products

    I had the sandwich once because of all the hype and thought it was overpriced at $10,much less $15 for all the bells and whistles. While the individual components and ingredients were excellent the sum of the parts were just good. Also it was not comforting like a great egg sandwich should be…

    I have chosen not to come back because there are better sandwiches that are cheaper and more satisfying despite having “better” ingredients…food for thought for an owner who can take feedback to create a better product

  7. Had my third ROY G BIV today (with avocado)… Woo hoo! It was frickin fantastic and worth every penny. Love the acidic bite of the homemade pickled veggies paired with the sweet bun. Glad this pop up has been able to stay in Bernal, and happy to support another delicious local business.

  8. As another attempt at constructive criticism from someone who has had and enjoys the sandwiches…I do wonder if perhaps during busier times it might be possible to work out some of the logistics to run a bit more smoothly? Every time we went in at the Sandbox space it seemed like 2+ customers would essentially put the whole operation in the weeds.

    Maybe have a bit more of an ongoing thing so you can get ahead, instead of starting each sandwich totalyl fresh upon arrival? While I agree $10-$15 is quite a lot, if that didn’t also come with a 10-minute wait for takeout I’d be more inclined to get one as an occasional splurge.

  9. What a sammi!!! Had one of these Friday morning and gotta go back tomorrow.

    Really don’t understand the people whining about the price. It’s only $10! ($12 w/gobs of organic avocado.) This is San Francisco people, and that ain’t this gal’s fault. Tartine’s (less than stellar) fried egg sandwich is $14. Craft cocktails are $15 (and not healthy). Papalote burrittos are $15… Yes you can get crappy food for less (or more), but that’s your (bad) choice! 🙂

  10. I just ate a ROYGBIV sandwich (w/avocado) minutes ago, and it was incredible. Such a great melt-in-your-mouth experience. So good…can’t wait to have another!

  11. I just discovered the ROYGBIV on Saturday and it was fantastic! Deliciously packed full of healthy things of all colors (love the name!), super satisfying, and worth every penny. I love to support talented and creative culinaristas like Jes in this city doing interesting work. I hope her business thrives and I will continue to drop by for a delicious breakfast.

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