Wacky Weather Brings Hail and Rainbows to Bernal Heights

The cold, wet weather that lingered over Bernal Heights this weekend delivered a schizophrenic mix of conditions that left many Bernalese skywatchers feeling bemused.

The Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility was activated and on full alert all weekend, so we were prepared with a Euphoria Response Team when science superstar Neighbor Dena snapped the arctastic photo of a Category 5 rainbow (with 2x bonus corona) from the north side of Bernal Hill on Sunday afternoon.

Before that, Bernal was pummeled by a rare series of hailstorms the sent gazillions of pea-sized ice pebbles crashing onto Bernalese roofs and hardscapes.

Esoteric Scientific Fact: Hailstones in Bernal Heights are created when damp unicorn sweat collides with superchilled marine-layer air during winter months. There. Now you know.

All told, it was a day of many meteorological marvels, with alternating periods of sun and intense precipitation. Neighbor Stephan tweeted out a fabulous time-lapse video that documented the confused nature of our cloudscape:

PHOTO: Top, rainbow above Bernal Hill by @denadubai