Pop-Up “Eye of the Avocado” Serving Breakfast & Lunch at 833 Cortland


Someday soon, Black Jet Baking Company will hang its sign above the former Pinkie’s/Sandbox space. But in the meantime, Chef Jes Taber has opened up a pop-up eatery at 833 Cortland called Eye of the Avocado that’s serving gorgeous breakfast and lunch sandwiches right now.

Chef Jes says:

Eye Of The Avocado, is a Pop Up Cafe at 833 Cortland @ Gates, the old Pinkies Bakery. We are excited to part of the beloved Bernal Heights community. We offer one of the best dang egg sandwiches you will ever have, the “Roy G. Biv Sandi”. Plus we have: coffee, lattes, tea, scones, chocolate chip cookies, and etcetera. We are strictly locally sourced & organic. Check out the Pay It Forward program & inquire for details. Can’t wait to meet you!

Eye of the Avocado is already crushing it on Yelp, and the cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm, with plans to remain at 833 Cortland until the end of the month.

(Also, If you have tips about potential permanent locations around greater Bernal, Chef Jes would love to hear them.)

PHOTO: The the Roy G. Biv Sandi + Bacon, courtesy of Eye of the Avocado

6 thoughts on “Pop-Up “Eye of the Avocado” Serving Breakfast & Lunch at 833 Cortland

  1. Maybe they can share a space or take over that creamery on cortland that has never really opened and therefore, an eyesore. Or share the kitchen with Nute’s noodles that’s is only open at night.

    Weren’t they popping over at Avedanos,? I swear we got an egg sandwich from the dining room.

  2. I got one of their sandwiches for the first time yesterday. I love breakfast sandwiches, and this is by far the best I’ve ever had. Every bite was heaven! Definitely an indulgence, but so, so worth it!

  3. If these are the same egg sandwiches that were being sold from Avedano’s a month or so ago, they are freaking amazing. I had to go back an hour later specifically to tell the woman who was selling them it was the best egg sandwich I ever had.

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