After all the rain of the last few days, we’re starting to see a little sunshine, and as every Bernalese unicorn wrangler knows, these are prime conditions for a rainbow barrage.

The Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility is now receiving reports of several Category Three  Four rainbows touching down all around Bernal Heights. Thanks to Neighbor Brittnell for sharing the photo of the Direct Hit on Bernal Hill you see up top.

Check out this gem from Neighbor Bryan:


Here’s a great one from Neighbor Tom shared the photo you see just above:


Neigbor Myssterry captured a full-arc double-rainbow perspective:


Neighbor Kristen shared this most Bernalicious of Bernal rainbow photos:

Neighbor Dan shared this confirmed sighting from Precitaville:

precitavillerainbowAs always, residents are advised to keep a close eye on the skies, and to beware of sudden-onset euphoria. You may also see unusual quantities of unicorn glitter on the streets and sidewalks in the hours ahead, so tread carefully to avoid slippage.

And finally, Neighbor Ernie kindly shared this great shot of a rainbow over Bernal, as seen from Noe Valley:


Rainbows In Bernal Heights Trigger Awe, Ecstasy, Euphoria

Processed with VSCO

At dusk last night, a magical combination of sun, clouds, and precipitation triggered a Category 6 Rainbow Barrage that left Bernal Heights squealing with laughter. As news of the prismatic event rippled through social networks, we activated the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility to monitor the action.

@darth even got a notification about it (despite a weak mobile connection):


Down in La Lengua, rebel propagandist Burrito Justice captured this direct strike:

Neighbor Chuck witnessed a full-arc rainbow unfolding over South Bernal:

Neighbor Peter activated the Mobile Rainbow Tracker Uplink Unit to capture this video footage of a rainbow touchdown near the Alemany Farmer’s Market:

Take it slow on the streets today; all that residual unicorn glitter and leprechaun sweat may make the roads a little slippery. But oh, it’s so worth it…

PHOTO: Top, Rainbow over Bernal Hill, March 21, 2016 by Britnell Anderson

Valentine’s Day Brought Vivid Colors to Bernal Hill


The long weekend coincided with Valentine’s Day, and it took on a romantic vibe when, per local tradition, Cupid transformed the big rock on the north slope of Bernal Heights Boulevard into a giant Valentine. Neighbor Annelise captured this photo to illustrate his handiwork.

But the rock wasn’t the only natural wonder that brought Valentine’s cheer to Bernal Heights. Check out Kat Shreve’s photo of the atmospheric sunset that bathed Bernal Hill in an amorous glow on Sunday evening. Wow:


Bernal Hill Is Now Very Green, Very Lush, and Very Gorgeous


January was gray and damp, and according to the weather-watchers, we had more rain in January 2016 than we had for the previous five Januaries combined. Hooray! But there was a break between storms over the weekend, so Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter and I took advantage of the sun to document the glory of Bernal Hill in full Green Mode.

To make our tour a little easier to follow, let’s use this official Ski Bernalwood trail map for navigational reference:

The Cub Reporter and I started on the south side, under a cloudless blue sky, just below Sutrito Tower. The colors were sizzling.


From there we walked toward Rock Quarry. For much of the year, this area looks like a passable facsimile of the surface of Mars. But right now, the chert formations in the quarry have grown a green peachfuzz beard:


And of course, no visit to Rock Quarry is complete without some walking meditation in the labyrinth:


Thus even more mindfully, we headed north along the western rim of the quarry, after stopping to admire another reminder that Bernal Is For Lovers:

Then we started climbing up, to take in that incredible OMFG Martian view of Sutro Tower and Noe Valley:


From there we continued north, to take in the colors and contrasts of the Owl’s Nest face. This is always one of my favorite views, but it’s so much more festive in green, don’t you think?


Then we climbed a little higher, to the fence around Sutrito Tower just above the 14 Limited face. From here, Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter took a moment to survey her hometown. (It must be tough to grow up in San Francisco, because it kind of ruins you for life):

24380284319_885d062605_kFrom there we continued along the summit ridge, until we got our first view of Bernal Hill’s east half. Oh my:

We continued east, walking along the ridge beneath the Vista Pointe chairlift, toward the quiet slope of Haunted House, on the southeast part of the hill. Thick green grasses were billowing in the wind, and hundreds of yellow Oxalis were open to the sun:

Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter confessed that this is actually her favorite spot on Bernal Hill. Then she sat down in a patch of grass with a panoramic view of the 101-280 spaghetti bowl, and began to weave a garland from Oxalis flowers:


That moment was about as good as any moment gets anywhere on our planet — or any other planet, for that matter. I looked back toward the west, to appreciate the scene:


It was time to continue our survey, so we contined east along the north side of the ridge, until we hit the mysterious tree-shrub thingy that some Bernalwood readers  tell us is actually a California Buckeye. Only, with so much green grass beneath it, it doesn’t seem quite so spooky at the moment:


From afar,  however, the tree-shrub thingy still looks sculptural, and the intensity of the green grass makes it look even more otherworldly:


Starting today, we’re in for a few days of unsettled weather. But next time the sun comes out, take a lazy stroll on Bernal Hill  to enjoy it during this period of peak seasonal engreenment. You will feel fortunate.

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Rainbows Bombard Bernal During Brief Break in Winter Storms


Blessed are the rains that have come to our lands this winter, for they are sorely needed. Yet during a brief break in the storms yesterday, the sun made a glorious appearance, which prompted Neighbor Valerie to issue a Rainbow Warning via the Twitters:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.29.02 AM

Sure enough, within moments reports began streaming in to the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility about a prismatic bombardment underway in Bernal Heights. From his vantage point on Bernal Hill, Tom Cook captured a pristine full-arc rainbow over the Mission:


Jason witnessed a devastatingly euphoric rainbow strike on Cortland:


Neighbor Valerie saw a rainbow pounding Bayshore with joy:


Added Nationwide Celebrity Bonus: As the rain pitter-pattered on the roof this morning, your Bernalwood editor huddled over a cup of coffee to read the newspaper. This photo caught our eye on the front page of the National section of The New York Times:


Oh hey! That’s Bernal Hill! The caption reads:

Dark clouds hovered over Bernal Heights on Tuesday as storms from the climate pattern known as El Niño began hitting the West Coast. Heavy rain, while welcome after five years of drought, increased fears of mudslides and flash floods in areas stripped bare by wildfires. Some forecasts called for nearly an inch of rain a day for the next 16 days in Northern California.

And also… more potential rainbows.

PHOTO: Top, Direct rainbow hit on Bernal Heights. Original photo by Greg McQuaid.