Seasonal Transition Alert! Bernal Hill Engreening Officially Underway



With the blessed arrival of some early season rains, it was just a matter of time before Bernal Hill began its annual transition from Brown Mode to Green Mode.

This morning, a proclamation from Neighbor Veronica made it official:

The Engreenening has begun!

Indeed! Neighbor Veronica also shared these photos of Bernal Hill’s verdant new peachfuzz to verify the transformation that’s now underway.

Hail the rains! Hail the green!

PHOTOS: Neighbor Veronica

Rainbow Alert! Surprise Morning Rainbow Strikes Energize Bernal Heights


Earlier this morning, a surprising series of Class 4 rainbows touched down around Bernal Heights, triggering widespread feelings of euphoria and awe. Neighbor Bronwyn shared the photo above, and check out this stunner from Neighbor Jordan (click to embiggen):


Here’s what Neighbor Estelle saw:


Meanwhile, other reports streamed into the  Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility:

Confirmed… Double Rainbow!!

And then I flipped over to the other side of the hill to see the full thing! #bernalheights

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Exploding Sunset Dazzles Bernal Heights Neighbors


There have been some remarkable sunsets of late, but the one last night was a real jaw-dropper. Neighbor Dan snapped this stunning photo last night from glamorous Winfield Street.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, your Bernalwood editor was at a slightly lower altitude, crossing Cesar Chavez  just as the sky exploded. It was so intense, I stopped dead in my tracks in pure awe. Here’s an unedited, #nofilter view of the kind of landscape that makes even an AutoZone parking lot look supersexy:


PHOTOS: Top, Dan Jurafshy; below, Telstar Logistics

Watch Last Night’s Colorful Sunset and Epic Moonrise from Bernal Hill in 50 Seconds

Did you catch last night’s fabulous sunset? Or, if you did catch the sunset, were you looking west instead of east?

Well, Neighbor Joe Thomas was looking toward the bay from his Eastern Observation Post atop Bernal Hill, and he took this wonderful time-lapse video of the sunset and the  moonrise.

There’s no sound, but go full screen and don’t just watch it once.

And when you’re done…. Special Bonus!

Neighbor Joel Kraut also brings us the view of the very same sunset from his Western Observation Post atop Bernal Hill, looking toward Sutro Tower:

Spooky Moon Seen Behind Spooky Clouds Above Spooky Scene on Virginia


The weather hasn’t been kind of late — foggy, cold, and prematurely Augustish. But the clouds have been interesting at night, especially now that the moon is full.

This photo from Neighbor Jesse Schlenker evocatively captures the weird clouds, dark night, the big moon, and Bernal Heights, all at once in this photo she took near Virginia Street. So classically Bernalicious, no?

PHOTO: Jesse Schlenker

Rainbow Alert!! Rainbow Alert!! Rainbow Alert!!


In the aftermath of some late afternoon showers this afternoon, the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility has confirmed several Category 3 rainbow strikes on the north side of Bernal Hill.

Neighbor Joe Thomas documented the rainbow incident from his East Slope observation post at 4:49 pm:

Meanwhile, Zach Langley snapped this panoramic perspective:

As always during a rainbow strike, Citizens of Bernalwood are encouraged to be on alert for the sudden onset of euphoria, deep tranquility, and giddy enthusiasm.