Rainbows Bombard Bernal During Brief Break in Winter Storms


Blessed are the rains that have come to our lands this winter, for they are sorely needed. Yet during a brief break in the storms yesterday, the sun made a glorious appearance, which prompted Neighbor Valerie to issue a Rainbow Warning via the Twitters:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.29.02 AM

Sure enough, within moments reports began streaming in to the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility about a prismatic bombardment underway in Bernal Heights. From his vantage point on Bernal Hill, Tom Cook captured a pristine full-arc rainbow over the Mission:


Jason witnessed a devastatingly euphoric rainbow strike on Cortland:


Neighbor Valerie saw a rainbow pounding Bayshore with joy:


Added Nationwide Celebrity Bonus: As the rain pitter-pattered on the roof this morning, your Bernalwood editor huddled over a cup of coffee to read the newspaper. This photo caught our eye on the front page of the National section of The New York Times:


Oh hey! That’s Bernal Hill! The caption reads:

Dark clouds hovered over Bernal Heights on Tuesday as storms from the climate pattern known as El Niño began hitting the West Coast. Heavy rain, while welcome after five years of drought, increased fears of mudslides and flash floods in areas stripped bare by wildfires. Some forecasts called for nearly an inch of rain a day for the next 16 days in Northern California.

And also… more potential rainbows.

PHOTO: Top, Direct rainbow hit on Bernal Heights. Original photo by Greg McQuaid.

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