Valentine’s Day Brought Vivid Colors to Bernal Hill


The long weekend coincided with Valentine’s Day, and it took on a romantic vibe when, per local tradition, Cupid transformed the big rock on the north slope of Bernal Heights Boulevard into a giant Valentine. Neighbor Annelise captured this photo to illustrate his handiwork.

But the rock wasn’t the only natural wonder that brought Valentine’s cheer to Bernal Heights. Check out Kat Shreve’s photo of the atmospheric sunset that bathed Bernal Hill in an amorous glow on Sunday evening. Wow:


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Brought Vivid Colors to Bernal Hill

  1. I disagree.

    I have no idea who paints the rock, but I totally love it. It’s simple, it’s contained, it’s creative, and most of all, it’s fun. I applaud the stealth muses who do it, and I hope they will continue.

  2. The post doesn’t say Annelise painted the rock, only that she took the picture of the painted rock. Why did you call her out and publish her address? Maybe your reading comprehension is not so good?

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