Rainbows In Bernal Heights Trigger Awe, Ecstasy, Euphoria

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At dusk last night, a magical combination of sun, clouds, and precipitation triggered a Category 6 Rainbow Barrage that left Bernal Heights squealing with laughter. As news of the prismatic event rippled through social networks, we activated the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility to monitor the action.

@darth even got a notification about it (despite a weak mobile connection):


Down in La Lengua, rebel propagandist Burrito Justice captured this direct strike:

Neighbor Chuck witnessed a full-arc rainbow unfolding over South Bernal:

Neighbor Peter activated the Mobile Rainbow Tracker Uplink Unit to capture this video footage of a rainbow touchdown near the Alemany Farmer’s Market:

Take it slow on the streets today; all that residual unicorn glitter and leprechaun sweat may make the roads a little slippery. But oh, it’s so worth it…

PHOTO: Top, Rainbow over Bernal Hill, March 21, 2016 by Britnell Anderson

2 thoughts on “Rainbows In Bernal Heights Trigger Awe, Ecstasy, Euphoria

  1. Todd

    Thanks for the Bernalwood, I’ve recently subscribed and it’s a great read. Seems like a while back, you gave direction or pointed to a meeting on how to research Bernal history. I’m curious about the building (3743-3745 Mission) I work in and want to track down it’s heritage. I’ve heard it started out as a dairy and would like to know more. Is there a historical group or a collection of research materials where I can start?

    Many thanks Dianne


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