Bernal Neighbor Finds Solace in Revitalized Slide Park

"Now with a cushy landing pad at the end!"

“Now with a cushy landing pad at the end!”

A somber hush descended upon Bernal Heights in the aftermath of the presidential election, but Neighbor Tamara has found comfort in some simple joys close to home:

I was ascending the west slope yesterday after school drop-off and came upon this little bit of Bernal awesomeness.

On that rather grim morning, seeing the revitalized Esmeralda Slide Park made me smile. I assume that some amazing Bernal neighbors rallied to make this happen, so I’m sending out a very hearty THANK YOU on this sunny but bleak morning.

Chin up, Bernal. This is who we are, let’s keep being amazing.

"New planters!"

“New planters!”

"Cardboard holding device and primitive communication system"

“Cardboard holding device and primitive communication system”

"Bonus gargoyle situation"

“Bonus gargoyle situation”


Mutant Tree in Holly Park Baffles Bernal Neighbor


Neighbor Heather is fascinated by a strange little tree in Holly Park that has sprouted a very tall appendage. She says:

I’ve been watching tree in Holly Park for a month or two now. I think it deserves a profile.

The tree has sprouted one “reach for the sky DeVry!” branch that is easily twice the height of the tree. With a little tuffet of 6 or 7 leaves on the end. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. (Well, OK, this is San Francisco and I go to Folsom St Fair every year, so not REALLY… But certainly the weirdest thing in Holly Park.)

Bizarre! Can any of our armchair arborists explain this strange mutation? Here’s the view from a different angle:


PHOTOS: Neighbor Heather

Judgemental Signs Tell Bernal Neighbors How to Live


Some Bernal neighbors have been entertained, some have been bemused, and others have been annoyed, but the preachy home-made signs that have appeared on utility poles around Cortlandia have definitely gotten people talking.

Neighbor Matt shared the photo up top, while Neighbor Rebecca photographed a more elaborate installation on the corner of Cortland and Moultrie. “Fascinating neighborhood discourse,” she says.


Others, however, find the signs insufferable:

Look closely at the photo of that sign and you’ll see a respone written in pencil at the bottom. It says, “Don’t tell me whut to do.”

Porcine Santa Brings Joy to Bernal Neighbor


With all the joyful exuberance of a child who awakens to find new toys under the tree on December 25, Neighbor Erin is very excited about the arrival of the Christmas Pig on Park Street in Bernal Heights:

He’s back! By far the greatest holiday decoration in Bernalwood and, perhaps, the world… CHRISTMAS PIG!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Oink, Oink, Oink!

Your Bernalwood editor went to visit the illuminated creature last night, and we can confirm that it is, indeed, rather fabulous. To capture the full porcine effect, however, we also filmed this little video:

Piggy Christmas

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