Giant Candy Corn Ushers In Arrival of Autumn

The crazier things are in the world, the more important it becomes to appreciate simple pleasures close to home.

So thanks to Neighbor Kristy from Treat Street for calling our attention to fact that the mysterious Color Sprites of Bernal Hill celebrated the arrival of October by decorating the big rock on the north slope to look like a giant candy corn . Neighbor Kristy writes:

The dogs are Ichi at the bottom and Dion on top, with my friend Julie holding Dion up. We hike bernal every Monday and always love seeing the rock color change based on seasons. The candy corn rock cheered me up with the sad news happening


PHOTO: Courtesy of Neighbor Kristy.

29 thoughts on “Giant Candy Corn Ushers In Arrival of Autumn

    • Personally, I think it’s great–both the developing tradition of painting the rock, and this version.

    • The rock hasn’t be “natural” in many many years. That ship sailed a long time ago. Now we all get to enjoy the clever imagination of our Bernal neighbors.

      • It’s apparent from these comments that it’s not at all about the rock. It’s about people’s emotional reactivity to it, and to themselves.
        Feeling compelled to schlep up to the top of the hill with supplies and spend time and effort painting…..a rather plain rock. Having strong negative emotions well up about, and feeling insulted on behalf of…..a non-responsive rock. Taking pleasure and delight from the evolving surface of a public art object made from… inherently featureless rock.
        And those are just the few commenting here. The vast majority are silent, like the rock.
        There’s also the countless others who stroll or run or drive by and are so preoccupied they have no clue they’ve just completely ignored……a rock.
        The same way it ignores all of us.

  1. I believe that rock is not native to Bernal Hill and was unnaturally installed by a landscape architect.

  2. Love this rock so much! My 7 year old imagines that it will keep getting bigger and bigger as layers of paint increase. Makes us smile!

    • That’s really great. Some comedian in the early 80’s, a big one—Seinfeld maybe, had a bit about painting their tiny Manhattan studio apartment and felt it getting smaller. She’s on her way.

  3. Stop poo-pooing this fun project! I don’t know who has all this time and creative energy, but more power to you!

  4. I too, am generally of the “natural rock” camp BUT- I have come to see this particular rock as a kind of public art piece, with the public actually making the art. What a concept!
    So, I now enjoy this. Loved it when it was purple after Prince died.
    This may be the best so far.

  5. I love this and glad creative forces change it as our seasons ,current events and general imagination march on.
    Roll on you creators!!!

  6. Although it is not a popular opinion to express, I don’t like the rock painting. It’s often really sad looking, and had most recently just been tagged after a drippy job on that purple paint… looked crappy/distracting/stupid for months. If there is any version that I like, it’s this one, which has happened before, and when it said, #blacklivesmatter for about 5 minutes a year or so ago. But whatever, anything beats the mural just a few steps away.

  7. With everyone so concerned about the environment why is there no outcry about the use of paint on the rock. Oh, right, it’s organic nontoxic paint.

  8. I love this rock, even when the paintings aren’t as clever as this. The public art aspect of it is quintessentially San Francisco.

  9. Ok I’m out voted, the rock is a symbol of free speech and artistic expression.
    Welcome Coke, Google, Gavin Newsom and the NRA everyone is free to paint
    the rock to their delight.
    Or does the rock get censored?

  10. These also happen to be the three colors on the flag of….maverique…a post-queer, non-binary gender.

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