15 thoughts on “Leprechauns Strike on Bernal Hill!!!

  1. A reminder that spray paint contains all kinds of toxic chemicals that leach into the ground. This rock may look pretty, but the effect it’s having on nearby plant and animal life is less pleasant.

    Whoever keeps doing this: thanks for the kind thoughts, but please consider find a more earth-friendly way to brighten people’s days.

    • How is spray paint different than “paint”? The volatile compounds in spray paint are all airborne; once it’s dried it’s just paint, so no different from house paint. Speaking of which, do you regularly use a house, car or bike? These are all painted, and 2 of those 3 are spray-painted.

    • It’s a rock subject to vandal’s culture choice.
      If you want to see something different you’ll have to paint it yourself.

      • My choice would be that it not be painted. How does one exercise that choice in this paradigm?

        Maybe these folks are “vandals” but they just come across as entitled view destroyers. The hearts looked strictly tore up and the shamrock is equally lame. Both looked so much better than that **awful** Christmas tree that I suppose I should just be grateful.

  2. I’m with neighbor Dan above. I think this rock is an eyesore with it’s every changing decorations which become dated the day after each successive paint job. I’d like to see someone paint it a natural looking rock color and just leave it that way. Just my two cents.

    • +1. This rock is such an eyesore. This is one of the best views in the entire city. How about we focus on that eye candy?

  3. It’s one thing to paint a house, or a bike, or something like that. These are things we rely on for shelter or transportation, and painting ensures they stay in good condition. Bikes can also be taken out of the rain. Painting this rock is different. People are doing it several times a year. It’s clear from the faded paint that all those chemicals are being absorbed by the soil. And it doesn’t serve the same kind of function that painting a house does. (For the record, I’ve never painted a bike.)

    • (Your bike and car are spray-painted at the factory; that was my point.)

      >It’s clear from the faded paint that all those chemicals are being absorbed by the soil.

      No, you can’t draw that conclusion. Not trying to be a jerk, but your whole post here springs from some scientific ignorance.

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