Friday: Celebrate and Support Secession Art & Design’s 10th Anniversary

This Friday, August 4 from 6-9 pm, all Bernalese are invited to Neighbor Eden Stein’s fabulous Secession Art & Design store at 3235 Mission (near Valencia) to celebrate the store’s 10th anniversary party.

It’s a worthy cause for festivities, because in addition to operating her fabulous store, Neighbor Eden also leads the Mission-Bernal Merchants Association, which has played a very active role in helping our Mission Street corridor recover from the 2016 Cole Hardware Fire.

At the same time, Secession is also organizing a crowdfunding campaign. Neighbor Eden explains why:

In the time that I have owned my store I have been successful, been evicted and relocated two blocks from my original location, renovated a restaurant into a gallery, and worked almost every weekend. This past year the transit changes, the fire, politics, and changing retail behaviors have challenged whether or not I can continue to keep my doors open. Last week I had an attempted break-in, and another financial setback when they broke my glass door, which is not covered by insurance.

Neighbor Eden also shares this invitation to Friday’s 10th Anniversary Party:

You are personally invited to our 10th anniversary party on Friday night, 6-9pm.

Thank you to the lovely donors that have participated so far to our Gofundme campaign, and all the friends on Facebook who shared it. Your stories about why it is important to keep Secession Art & Design open in San Francisco moved my heart. Our goal is to raise 10k for our 10th Anniversary. The vision is to not only keep the doors open, but to grow. With additional capital, I will be able to hire one more person to the team, and create an event space in the back gallery with custom reclaimed wood benches, projector screen, and speakers.

I am always trying to be creative with how to use the gallery in new ways. The sky is the limit for what will happen in the next year. Most important is that I am able to hold onto this beautiful space. It is an epic journey every month to pay every bill. When you buy a painting, onesie, card, or gift certificate it means so much more. When you shop local, your money stays local. We are in this together.

You rock!
XO Eden

PHOTO: Courtesy of Secession Art & Design

Thursday: Dispensary to Host Fundraiser for Rocket Dog Rescue

This Thursday, July 20, the Harvest Dispensary on 29th Street in La Lengua will host a fundraiser for Rocket Dog Rescue.

As you may recall, Rocket Dog suffered a financial blow last month when the canine-rescue group’s founder was mugged near her Bernal Heights home. Harvest founder Marty Higgins tells Bernalwood:

Cannabis dispensary Harvest off Mission teamed up with The Front Porch to host a special fundraiser this Thursday July 20th from 6-10pm to raise money for Rocket Dog Rescue.

As reported on Bernalwood, the owner of Rocket Dog was forcibly robbed of their funded dollars last month. 100% of ticket sales and all proceeds will go to Rocket Dog Rescue.

The $50 ticket includes an eighth of Alegria Organic cannabis, a dab bar by Brite labs, home style fried chicken from SF’s Front Porch, exotic infused cannabis cocktails from award winning mixologist Alex Riddle, DJ Duserock, along with raffle prizes and a silent auction.

Harvest off Mission felt it imperative to support Rocket Dog Rescue after the appalling crime. One of the best ways to improve our community is to stand by our community organizations, especially in times like this. The robbery of Pali [Rocket Dog Rescue cofounder] was not only horrific but extremely untimely as the money stolen came from a fundraiser.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Only individuals with legally recognized Medical Cannabis Identification Cards or a verifiable, written recommendation from a physician for medical cannabis may attend this event.

Thu, July 20, 2017
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM PDT

Harvest Off Mission
33 29th Street

Save the Date: The 2017 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale Happens August 12

Start shoveling out your closets and reorganizing your storage spaces, because the Season of Purge is upon us! On Saturday, August 12, 2017, Bernal Heights will hold the legendary Hillwide Garage Sale, during which all Bernalese will have the opportunity to sell-off the worldly crap treasures that now clutter and oppress your closets and garages.

The Hillwide Elves bring all the details:

Hi Neighbors!

We’re here to let you know that Hillwide 2017, quite possibly San Francisco’s largest single-day neighborhood garage sale extravaganza, is coming up on Saturday, August 12th from 9am-2pm.

Register today at to get your garage groove on and get yourself on the map!

This is your chance to empty out the garage or storage shed, recycle old toys and tools, and part with your least favorite knick knacks, doo-dads and thing-a-ma-bobs. The Hillwide is a San Francisco tradition – last year we had over 150 houses register their goodies for sale.

Promote your sale by posting pictures of your soon-to-be goldmine of gear on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever floats your social media boat using the hashtag #Hillwide2017. We also have some posters and images to help you out at our Media Center.

To get your garage sale on the map and a listing of your goodies on our website, all you have to do is register at

We have four levels of donations this year:

  • Hill Top Rock Sponsor Level @ $15
    Includes our unwavering gratitude and deepest admiration, a listing on the map and the web site and a shout out on Twitter when you register
  • Bernal Coyote Contributor Level @ $30
    All the benefits above plus a picture submission on the website and personalized social media mentions of your sale from our wildly popular Hillwide sites
  • Esmeralda Slide Sponsor Level @ $50
    All the benefits above plus free membership to the BHNC
  • The Distinguished Bernal Heights Ambassador Level @ $100
    All the benefits above plus some other fabulousness that we haven’t quite figured out yet!

Oh, and of course everyone gets their name on the wonderful Wall of Fame!

Last year we raised over $3,000 for the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.

Their mission is to develop affordable housing throughout San Francisco; provide linguistically and culturally responsive services to community seniors, youth and families and to organize and empower tenants, clients and members as community advocates.

Register today at to support this great neighborhood institution and get on the map!

Got questions? Send Michael Minson an email at or use our handy-dandy contact form over at The Hillwide site.

Thanks for participating, don’t forget to share the love with #Hillwide2017, and we’ll see you at the Hillwide!

Warmest Regards
The Hillwide Elves

Warning: Carbo-Crazed Tater Tot Fans May Invade Cortland This Evening

Warning: The eastern end of Cortland Avenue may be packed with people this evening, as an exceptionally large number of foodies are expected to descend upon Barebottle Brewing, where a food truck will be on had to sell some ostensibly special tater tots.

Fanned by several local media outlets, the news that Jackrabbit Kitchen will be on hand at Barebottle this evening, Friday, July 14 starting at  4 pm has ripped through the Interwebs like a grease fire, such that that 10,000 people have said they’re interested in attending.

SFGate writes:

Jackrabbit Kitchen, which operates food trucks and a catering business, will be hosting Tater Tot Fest, a Facebook event at Barebottle Brewing Co.

Jackrabbit is known for its crispy cheddar-scallion tot — served with Sriracha ketchup — but it reportedly will be offering some new tot creations, including sweet-potato with ancho aioli and a fresh corn with a jalapeño vinaigrette.

So far, more than 10,000 people have expressed interest in attending. If even a portion of them do, Jackrabbit better have lots of tots.

Indeed. Even if we assume an exceptionally high Facebook event flake-rate, such that only 0.5% of those people will actually attend, that still means there may be 500 carbohydrate-crazed souls wandering the streets of Cortlandia this evening.

Likewise, if we also assume a bunch of those people may be jacked-up on ancho aioli and jalapeño vinaigrette, well, Bernal residents living in and around the impacted area are hereby advised to shelter in place until Tater Tot Fest subsides.

PHOTO: Very special tater tots by Jackrabbit Kitchen

Saturday Morning: Join the Cleanup Party in Precita Park


When you look down at Precita Park from on high, it looks… Peaceful. Pristine. Like an urban oasis.

Actually, when you look at Precita Park from street level, it looks pretty damn awesome as well.

This is no accident. Precita Park looks so super-sexy in no small part because of all the hard work Neighbor Demece Garepis has done through the years under the auspices of Precita Valley Neighbors, the volunteer group she so valiantly leads.

Tomorrow morning, July 8, starting at 09:00, PVN is organizing a neighborly Precita Park cleanup — and it’s a great opportunity to give the park some of your love. Neighbor Demece says:

Hey Neighbors!

We’re having a Precita Park Clean-Up Party!

Just bring yourselves – tools, gloves, bags are provided. We’re going to clean Up Precita Park!

Saturday July 8th at 9:00a.m., meet in the Children’s Playground. Ridiculously fun neighbor mingling and old/new friendship provided! Lovely morning refreshments will also be provided.

And don’t be shy: tell your neighbors to get our emails by signing up for updates! It’s free and fun!

Sparkle on,


Saturday: A Super-Special Outdoor (Farewell) Edition of Photographic Memories

Phonographic Memories is a very special thing: A cozy series of live events held at the Bernal Heights Library for first-person storytelling about the relationships people have with the vinyl records they love. This Saturday, July 8 from noon to 4 pm, the library will co-host an extra-special outdoor edition of Phonographic Memories at the Bernal Rec Center (just behind the library).

The event is free, and all are invited. Here are all the details:

For over two and half years Phonographic Memory has put on free monthly shows at the Bernal Heights Library. The program’s creator, Corey Bloom, is moving to the east coast so we’re going big with the last session in the neighborhood.

On July 8th, from 12:00-4:00 PM, at the Bernal Heights Recreation Center we’re throwing an outdoor park jam with DJ’s, record vendors, community groups, a food truck and, of course, storytellers. Corey has curated the lineup to pay tribute to the depth and dimensions of the Bay Area music scene, which have impacted his life in a variety of ways.

The list includes:

  • Cassidine: The first female MC on the West Coast to get a record deal, who released her debut, Man Handler, on 75 Girls in 1988.
  • Davey D: Famed journalist, historian, professor, DJ, syndicated talk show host and activitst.
  • Equipto: Pioneering and prolific San Francisco MC and community leader
  • Teeko: World famous DJ (DMC, ITF), producer (Mark Ronson, D’Angelo) and funky innovator

DJ B Cause (Four One Funk) will warm up the turntables before the stories. DJ Marz, of the infamous Bullet Proof Space Travelers, will be holding down the music throughout the afternoon.


There will be an El Tonayense Taco Truck and record vendors on hand, as well as community partners from the Saint Francis Homeless Challenge.

Phonographic Memory is a nationally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to examining and celebrating the human experience as framed through vinyl records. Bridging cultures and generations, heavy collectors and casual fans, our goal is to create a global community through individuals’ stories, providing folklore to the physical artifact. We accomplish this through a combination of our free monthly live events at the Bernal Heights Library, which we have been hosting since 2014, and other live events throughout California and even Rome. Our podcast, which was chosen for NPR’s Earbud.FM, features our favorite stories from these events, all archived and available for download via our website, as well as iTunes and Bandcamp.

Saturday, July 8 | Noon – 4PM
Bernal Recreation Center | 500 Moultrie, San Francisco | FREE EVENT


Friday: City Hall Hearing on SFMTA’s Northwest Bernal Permit Parking Plan

Bernalwood has been covering the bureaucratic debacle that is the Northwest Bernal Residential Parking Permit (RPP) proposal for two years, and while the process has revealed much about the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s dubious methodologies and lack of accountability, it’s now moving into the final stages of the approval process.

On Friday, July 7 at 10 am in Room 416 at City Hall , the SFMTA will  hold a public hearing to review the proposal to establish a new RPP zone in Northwest Bernal Heights. This map outlines the proposed permit area, where Bernal residents who live outside the blue RPP zones will be restricted to two-hour parking Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm:

Source: SFMTA

The SFMTA meeting announcement says:

Residents of northwest Bernal Heights have petitioned the SFMTA to form a new residential parking permit area to better manage and find parking closer to their homes.

In May 2017, a majority of residents on the following blocks voted to move forward with residential permit parking Coleridge (1 – 99), Coso (1 – 199), Esmeralda (200-299), Fair (1-99), Lundy’s Lane (1-29), Mirabel, Montezuma, Powers, Precita (1 – 299), Prospect (100-199), Shotwell (1400 – 1499), and Winfield (1 – 99).

The proposal to create a RPP area on these blocks will be heard at a SFMTA Engineering Public Hearing at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 7 at City Hall, Room 416. Interested parties are invited to attend and comment on the proposal.

A summary of the community vote and overall project history can be found on the project website and May project update.

This map [PDF] shows the blocks where 50% or more residents voted for inclusion in the RPP pilot program, with the following RPP regulations:

  • One parking permit per driver
  • Two parking permits per household
  • Two-hour parking limit for non-permit holders Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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