Bernal Spoken Word Artist Hosts Open Mike Event, Tomorrow

Bernal Neighbor Ned Buskirk is hosting the latest edition of his open mike series for poetry, prose, and music called You’re Going to Die, tomorrow night, Feb 29, at 8 pm at Viracocha (on Valencia at 21st):

There will be a set list of performers [guaranteed lovelies] to take up part of the night… signup will also be that night for anyone else.

When there are 20 total performers for the night, you’re outta luck.
The list fills up quick, so if you want to perform, you’d better get there early…

If you’re going to read, keep it under 5 MINUTES long. That’s right: 5 MINUTES. WE WILL TIME YOU. And we will hug you when we have to stop you [just to make it easier on you (or harder – depending on your propensity for intimacy).

As far as reading goes, you can bring anything you want to read.
It doesn’t have to be poetry. It doesn’t have to be yours.

Full details about the event on the Facebook. Bonus: Here’s a Bay Citizen write-up about last month’s issue of “You’re Going to Die,” for the curious.

8 thoughts on “Bernal Spoken Word Artist Hosts Open Mike Event, Tomorrow

  1. Honestly, I think the title makes complete sense. I think I probably would die if I had to listen to Mission hipsters and wannabe artists ranting and raving for 5 minutes each. There should be a bell you ring when you can’t take it anymore at which point they bring you a shotgun and you blow your brains out (thereby elevating the meaning of the name of the event.)

    • hm. wow. that’s sadly offensive about something I care about a great deal. ahhhhh, the internet. what a safe place to be entirely rude & diminishing. I understand that some things are not for everyone, but try to curb your opinion if you’ve never been… I want to build an inspiring space for anyone to share anything they have to share, so try not to negate what I’m trying to offer up before even giving it a try. thanks to Bernalwood for acknowledging something I love & for assuming there are people out there that would find as much interest in it as I do.

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