Tonight: See Neighbor Ned’s Big Show at Great American Music Hall

Tonight, Bernal Neighbor Ned Buskirk is hosting an event as an offshoot of his open mike series for conversations about mortality, called You’re Going to Die.

The show happens this evening, Friday, August 11, at Great American Music Hall beginning at 9 pm, and tickets are still available.

Neighbor Ned says:

My name is Ned Buskirk & I run You’re Going to Die, a live event series in SF. I’ve been putting music on at The Old Bus Tavern, and waaay back in 2012 Bernalwood shared a post about my open mic series called Your’re Going to Die.

In the last five years YG2D has really taken off. I still do the open mic, but now it’s twice a month to meet the interest (all the open mics sell-out), but I also regularly present curated shows. All of my shows are entertainment experiences that involve conversations about mortality, grief, loss, death & dying… & LIFE, of course.

I’m doing a BIG show on Friday, August 11th at Great American Music Hall with two big local bands: Midtown Social and Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony. I’ll also be announcing the start of a new curated series of shows starting in October at Swedish American Music Hall.

It’s also a chance for community to gather, party, & celebrate being alive. Here’s the lineup:

Deeply inspiring & guaranteed to make you sweat just as much as it makes you think, Midtown Social presents a message of solidarity & hope, voiced by a community of people who are as diverse, bold, authentic, & vulnerable as the community in which they were forged. Midtown Social asks us all to come together, to find common ground, love & camaraderie, to fight for our communities, way of life, & rights—and to stand together as one.

Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony plays Adventure Rock™. Imagine Mary Poppins writing songs for Weezer during a cliff diving competition between Freddie Mercury & Tom Waits while Danny Elfman makes out with Indiana Jones during a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Angela Hennessy is an Oakland-based interdisciplinary artist and Associate Professor at California College of the Arts where she teaches courses on visual and cultural narratives of death and textile theory. Her current project, The School of the Dead, is a program for the decolonization of death and grief through the radical inquiry of aesthetic and social practices that mediate the boundary between the living and the dead.

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  1. I’ve been to one of Neighbor Ned’s regular YG2D shows, and they’re fantastic. Everyone: go to the show tonight!

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