Dr. Rick’s Frightfully Fun Halloween Party Happens This Saturday

It’s on!! Dr. Rick’s frighteningly fun Halloween party is happening this weekend, on Saturday, October 28 at the ghoulish Farmhouse Mansion atop Bernal Hill.

And as always, all the sinister mayhem is in the service of a good cause; This year’s party is a fundraiser for Zuckerberg General Hospital Psych Department’s Vocational Rehab Unit and SFSMILES.

Dr. Rick brings all the sickly sweet details:

It’s scary, that it’s this time of year again already.

This year’s Bloody Sweet Halloween is candy-coate, with 6 amazing live bands, DJ Dread Pirate Rich, Avis Marie Sandar on Tarot, Bushfire fire dancing performance, Champion Bagpiper Fred Payne, Tom’s full bar of sugary intoxicants, Charlie’s delicious catered food, lasers, Willy Wonka film fest, taffy gardens, sinister treats.

… and hopefully you! As well as many other sugary surprise guests.

Saturday October 28th, 6pm till ???
3340 Folsom Street
Haunted Farmhouse Gingerbread Mansion and Edible Gardens


Only the best treats, and maybe a few harmless tricks…
Get your costume ready… this will be a good one!


Dr. Rick

2 thoughts on “Dr. Rick’s Frightfully Fun Halloween Party Happens This Saturday

  1. When I was young, born in 1932, Halloween was so great on Cortland Ave. Kids and families in costume would gather gather in the evening of Halloween on Cortland Ave. I believe the streetcar was not running that night. Candles were in our plastic pumpkins and help to light the streets. This didn’t seem to be an organized gathering by any group, but a spontaneous over-flowing of delight in the chance for everyone to “enjoy the day, enjoy the night.” Too bad this practice no longer goes, as far as I know.

  2. Wow. Full of brogrammers and entitled assholes shoving people around and being rude. Sad that this is what this party had become. Waste of $30. Some one is making $$$ here.

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