10 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Are You Missing a Rooster?

  1. Call Animal Control. They will catch and bring it to their holding area.
    ( I think it’s not legal to keep roosters in the city, so they may provide it with a country life)

    • It’s legal to keep chickens in SF — eggs a plenty from the girls. Not sure if there’s a specific “no rooster” rule.

  2. It’s in our yard now. We called Animal Care and Control. They are busy but in theory coming for him. He’s vet tame. Watched us eat dinner. Knocked on the window. Now roosting on the stair rail. Clearly the dog will have to go out front tonight!

  3. This guy was on the hill above the farmers market a couple of months ago.
    For about three days he was waking up our whole street. Then he was gone. I thought the coyote got him.

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