Anna, Maker of Piroshkis on Cortland, Celebrates New American Citizenship


Hooray! Anna Tvelova is the founder and proprietor of the certifiably delicious Anda’s Pirsoshki shop at 331 Cortland, and her piroshkis taste so authentically amazing in part because Anna originally hails from Russia.  This week, however, she also became a naturalized American citizen, and she’s thrilled about it.

To celebrate her new status, Anna engaged in a hallowed naturalization ritual that dates back to the earliest days of George Washington and the Founding Fathers: A hilltop Zumba line dance.

Anna tells Bernalwood:

Had blast dancing Zumba On Bernal Hill this weekend with SF Jay!  Because I love Zumba, I love Bernal, and my piroshki shop out here. This event was created in support of Bernie Sanders, and it’s my first act as a brand new citizen.

Congratulations, Citizen Anna!

Put on your powdered wig, sharpen your quill pen, and join Citizen Anna as she celebrates her new status by shaking her naturalized American groove thang atop Bernal Hill:

PHOTO: Citizen Anna at her naturalization ceremony, courtesy of Citizen Anna

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  1. Thank you so much for your support all these years, people of Bernal! I am so grateful for being a part of this lovely neighborhood and work next to amazing, kind, bright people. From very first day I opened my piroshki store out here, I felt accepted, loved and supported, I felt home! Thank you!

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