Thursday Eve: Community Crime and Public Safety Meeting at BHNC


As you might have heard, we’ve been addressing property crime and robberies in Bernal Heights lately, as burglaries, auto thefts, and thefts-from-autos have been taking a wearisome toll on Bernal neighbors. And sometimes, things get violent.

Following up on last week’s meeting with the Northeast Bernal Neighbor’s Alliance, and as part of an ongoing series of efforts to address crime and public safety concerns in Bernal Heights, Supervisor David Campos and the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center are hosting a community meeting on Thursday, January 28 at 6 pm.

Neighbor Ryan from the Northeast Bernal Neighbor’s Alliance says:

Supervisor Campos and Hillary Ronen are holding a separate meeting this week to address broader Bernal safety. If you didn’t make it to last week’s meeting, would like to continue the discussion with the other city agencies noted there, or don’t live in NE Bernal, I think it’s worth showing up!

Here’s their description of the event:

Supervisor David Campos is hosting a meeting to discuss the rampant car break-ins in Bernal Heights. Captain McFadden will present on how the community can work together to guard against and effectively report these crimes. Representatives from the Department of Public Works and the Public Utilities Commission will be there to discuss areas where additional street light is needed in the neighborhood. A representative from the District Attorney’s Office will be there to explain the office’s work to address this problem. Supervisor Campos would like to hear resident ideas to address the problem and will propose a plan to start addressing the issue.

What: Crime & Safety Meeting
When: Thursday, January 28th at 6:00pm
Where: Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland Ave

Feel free to contact Hillary Ronen, from Supervisor Campos’ Office, with any questions or comments prior to the meeting.; 415-554-7739.

01-28 Community PS Mtg Flyer

PHOTO: Capt. Joseph McFadden at BHNC, Oct. 20, 2015 by Telstar Logistics

6 thoughts on “Thursday Eve: Community Crime and Public Safety Meeting at BHNC

  1. Could someone please ask the representative of the district attorney how many crimes we’re expected to suffer as a price for Gascon’s prop 47?

    • Absolutely as that issue is repeatedly raised by both the community and SFPD. As someone who voted for Prop 47 I will ask the Supervisor to request an unbiased/objective study of the impacts of Prop 47/AB103 on crime in our community. Captain McFadden indicated that law enforcement is not able to collect certain types of DNA evidence with misdemeanors vs felonies. There may in fact be some State legislative initiatives to address some of the issues and short comings with the law. We absolutely need to ensure accountability for crime, as well as strong efforts at rehabilitation to reduce recidivism. The current system is not working when criminals know there are really no serious consequences for their actions.

    • SFPD captains and command staff are all on message blaming Prop 47 for increases in property crime, but I haven’t seen any data to back that up. Here’s a Stanford analysis of Prop 47 from last October:

      Click to access Prop-47-report.pdf

      “Fewer than five percent of state prisoners released early under Proposition 47 have been convicted of a new crime and returned to prison.15 Although law enforcement officials in some jurisdictions have recently complained about increasing crime rates, there is no evidence that state prisoners released early under Proposition 47 are committing those crimes. Statewide data on crime rates is not currently available, making it impossible to measure any impact on crimes rates by Proposition 47.”
      KQED Forum had a good show evaluating Prop 47:

  2. Looks like Captain McFadden doesn’t want to be in the middle of a political spat between the mayor and his chosen D9 candidate and Campos and his chosen D9 candidate, since he’s going to be at this neighborhood crime meeting, too. Smart move on his part!

    Since we’ve exposed the other meeting as the political stunt that it was (organized by a D9 sup candidate and mayor ally, organized specifically in response to lack of attention by Campos’s office but Campos not invited [and then forced to raise hand during q&a] while mayor’s office was invited and featured as scheduled speaker), we need to ask the same questions of this meeting:
    Was the mayor and his people invited? If not, why not? If they show up, will they be given the respect they deserve as reps of elected officials for the area?

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