UPDATED: Toddler Injured During Despicable Daytime Robbery and Assault


A little after 3 pm last Friday, Jan. 8, a 2 year-old child in a stroller was injured during an armed robbery on Cortland Avenue near Prospect. KCBS reports:

San Francisco police said the assault took place at around 3:18 p.m. on Friday near the intersection of Cortland and Prospect avenues in the city.

Investigators said the man drove up in a black sedan, exited the vehicle with a gun and approached the woman. He knocked over a stroller, injuring the 2-year-old who hit her head on the sidewalk.

He then ripped the woman’s purse from her neck, demanded money and then struck her on the arm with his handgun.

The suspect then grabbed a tablet from the child and fled from the scene in the sedan, police said.

Both the mother and daughter were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Bernalwood is relieved that mother and daughter are doing okay, and we will update this story as additional details become available.

UPDATE, 10:30 am: Neighbor Sarah provides additional detail from Captain McFadden of SFPD’s Ingleside Station:

This happened near the community garden walkway at Cortland and Prospect. A woman was walking with her 2-year-old in a stroller. A car pulled up, and a juvenile (approx 13/14 years old) jumped out to grab the woman’s bag. In the struggle, the stroller got knocked over. The juvenile also took the kid’s tablet, then jumped back in the car, which sped off eastward.

The police believe they have an idea of where the juvenile may live – they think it may be one of the nearby public housing developments. The 2-year-old is OK, though I’m sure the whole experience was very frightening.  As reported, this was in the daytime, too – so rather surprising.

26 thoughts on “UPDATED: Toddler Injured During Despicable Daytime Robbery and Assault

  1. THE FUCK!??!?! It’s not even safe to walk down a populated street in the middle of the day!??! Are my kids even safe going up to cortland by themselves anymore? I hate this so hard. And: toddler should not have had a tablet in plain view, IMHO. Should be taking in the surroundings, not buried in a device.

    • I am outraged by this event… And can we please keep the parent shaming and victim blaming to a minimum. A child was hurt, it wasnt her fault nor her moms fault. Sometimes moms need to give kids screens. Its part of being a parent in 2016 whether we moms like it or not. I hate screens.. And yet.. We use them…

      • And yet maybe if there was no tablet in plain view, this would not have happened. I was waiting for the “victim blaming” to come up. It’s just smart to keep electronics under wrap when you are out and about. No?

    • I have a feeling that “don’t show your electronics” is very similar of an advice to “there is crime in the city, so go live in the suburbs if you don’t like crime”.

  2. wow! that is terrible. We had muggings here but hurting a baby! I feel so bad for the women. she is never going to feel safe again.

  3. NEWCOMERS NOTE: All my life Bernal Heights has been a rough neighborhood. Nearly all the shops had burglar bars on their windows. And as I’ve mentioned before the laundromat had the vertical pole across its doorway to keep people from stealing the clothes baskets. Adding trinket shops, fru-fru restaurants, and rent increases do not change a neighborhood. Bernal is what it is.

  4. I’ve lived in Bernal for 15 years and I’ve never seen anything like this especially right on Courtland Street in broad daylight. Shut down the Allemany project I bet this stops happening.

    • I say if you’ve lived here 15 years, it’s time you learned how Cortland is spelled, as well as Alemany!

  5. SF politics have made SF a “Gun Free Zone” and the only ones with guns are the criminals.
    The criminals know they can act with impunity against the sheep victims…..add in prop 47 and we just tossed gas on the fire.
    How is this working out for you?

    • Pretty good, thanks. It’s a great neighborhood with great people, and the occasional unfortunate incident.

    • Utter poppycock. Besides, you’d freeze up in such a situation most likely, and/or shoot yourself in the crotch.

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