Spirit Animal Alert!! Coyote Sighting on Bernal Hill


Yesterday, the Bernalwood Office of Wildlife Affairs received several confirmed reports of a coyote sighting from multiple locations on Bernal Hill. The photo above was taken on Bernal Hill yesterday by @nataliacosa, and it’s so amazing.

Neighbor Jim captured a photo of the coyote  on the hill at 10:15 am, “just above the art rock,”  he says. (Specifically, it looks like the slope on the northeast face that riders at Ski Bernalwood call “Buckeye.”)


And here’s what Neighbor Chris saw at about 9 am, near the quarry on the southwest side:



Now, if we can set aside spirit animals and natural wonder for a moment… it’s time for a Public Safety Announcement. The coyote on Bernal Hill is awe-inspiring, but it also means humans with dogs — and especially, small dogs — should be vigilant.  We encourage you to re-read these important tips from a local coyote whisperer on how to navigate coyote-canine encounters.

UPDATE: Neighbor Jengis documented another coyote sighting today, Jan. 26, at about 10:20 am around “the wilds near Waltham and Alabama”:


11 thoughts on “Spirit Animal Alert!! Coyote Sighting on Bernal Hill

  1. I share this story a lot, but just to remind people: *Coyotes are very dangerous and people should take this sighting seriously.* When I lived next to the Lime Ridge Open Space in the east bay, we were attacked twice a couple of years apart — both times in the middle of the day, both times when the coyote had been laying in wait beside a trail and surprised my dogs and me while out running. Both times, my older female dog needed 70+ stitches, and she was in a lot of pain (as was my wallet, from a $1K emergency room bill). My dogs were not tiny, either — 35 and 45 pounds. Each time, my female was bitten (on the rear end) as she was turning to get closer to me after the coyote had leaped out to confront us. I just share this to dispel the myths that (1) you can avoid them by walking in the middle of the day, (2) they only attack tiny dogs, (3) they only attack dogs that try to fight/play with them. Be careful out there!

    • So just to be clear, when you say “we” you actually are just referring to your dogs. Correct? Or did you need stitches as well?

    • GG, thanks for sharing this. One quick question: I am under the impression that when the pack is close together, it’s less likely for wild animals to attack the pack. I am thinking that your dog was far away from you (pack)?

  2. Hey, fellow white people, maybe we could say “patronus” instead of “spirit animal” from now on?

  3. Coyote was back this morning. Monday it seemed to be staying up towards the top of the ridges, but today was moving up and down the hill crossing the road several times. This attracted a lot more attention from the dogs, including a larger pit-mix that chased it in a manner that didn’t look very playful.

    I think the dog population is a lot higher than when we had coyotes here ten years ago. Based on today’s events it doesn’t seem like a stable situation.

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  5. Spirit animal alert is way too cute and esoteric and blah! Good grief. what next,?
    Pure and simple…. opportunistic wild critter looking for toehold on Bernal Hill again.
    It’s happened before, it’s happening again apparently. Deal with it, but don’t be cute about it.

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