Good Samaritans Seek Owner of Doggie Found in Precita Park


Neighbor Rebekah is searching for the owner of this wayward doggie:

On the full-moon evening of Friday the 13th, a dog was found roaming Precita Park. She looks like a Manchester Terrier or Min-Pin and appears to be about 9-18 months old, approx 25 lbs. Sweet and very scared with no microchip or collar. For now she is being fostered by Precita Park’s dogwalker-whisperer, Luke. If anyone recognizes this cutie, could they call Animal Care and Control or (415) 518-3984?

If the owner is not located, the dog will likely become available for adoption.

5 thoughts on “Good Samaritans Seek Owner of Doggie Found in Precita Park

  1. Poor little thing!!!! I just don’t understand some pet owners. Its crucial to have either a tag on your pet or I firmly believe in the Microchip. Come on Owners!

  2. Luke is one of many reasons I love my neighborhood. And now Rebekah joins his ranks. Thank you!

  3. There was a missing small dog in Potrero Hill, can’t remember the details but signs posted all over and I think it was a chihuahua. It got spooked on Friday during the fireworks. Will update if signs are still up when I go out.

  4. Thanks for filing a Lost Dog report and getting the word out, Luke and Rebekah. Luke’s a dog pro so I expect nothing less.

    It’s all too easy to judge folks when they lose a dog. Someone commented about her not having a collar: Collars can come off any dog. And it’s easy to make the leap that one should keep a lost dog or find it a “good” home because the folks who lost the dog likely don’t care.

    Luke and Rebekah show us how to care for the wayward four-leggers in our midst by trying to find the original owner while keeping the critter out of our highly respectable but less-than-homey shelter. Awesome. Y’all rock.

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