UPDATED With Audio: Bernalwood Talks About Bernalwood on KALW Public Radio 91.7

bernalwoodkalwTonight on KALW public radio 91.7, your Bernalwood editor will be on the air for the City Visions show along with several other glamorous San Francisco neighborhood bloggers to talk about What It All Means:

Is hyperlocal journalism here to stay? [Bernal neighbor] David Onek speaks with some of San Francisco’s citizen journalists about the stories they’re breaking, the financial challenges they face, and life on the neighborhood beat. Join the conversation by calling 415.841.4134 during the show, email us at cityvisions@kalw.org or post a comment here anytime. Monday at 7 pm.


-Todd Lappin, founder and editor, Bernalwood

-Rose Garrett, managing editor, Hoodline

-Kevin Montgomery, founder and editor, Uptown Almanac

-Roy McKenzie, founder and managing editor, The Castro Biscuit

Listen in, and if you decide to join the conversation, please do reveal yourself as a Citizen of Bernalwood! Extra credit to any and all who identify themselves on-air as the Bikini Jogger.

UPDATE, 9 pm, 16 June

KALW "City Visions" host David Onek

Well, that was fun.

Your Bernalwood editor snapped this glamorous photo of  KALW City Visions host (and celebrity Bernal Neighbor) David Onek during our on-air conversation earlier tonight. The whole thing is now online, so you can listen as we discussed how the sausage gets made at Bernalwood and several of the City’s other esteemed neighborhood blogs. Crazy bonus thanks to Neighbor Margaret, for the terrific phone call.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED With Audio: Bernalwood Talks About Bernalwood on KALW Public Radio 91.7

  1. interesting show tonight. great to hear about what happens behind the current. and it made me consider how much signifcant time and effort goes into these blogs. and I learned a new word: “YIMBY” (new to me.)

    but i very much enjoyed the show. listened to the show on the bus and it very pleasantly passed the time. thanks for the heads up and thanks for all you do on Bernalwood!

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  3. Really enjoyed listening to this segment Todd, and thanks again for representing us well. Yes you dropped the “YIMBY” mantra, but the true gem was the Bikini Jogger reference, had me in stitches and I wondered what the other editors were thinking. Thanks again for all you do, I can’t wait to one day “pay” you in person for my appreciation. 😉

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