Stuff the Online Ballot Box to Help Suite Foods Grow Sweeter


Sivan Wilensky, founder of the dangerously tasty Suite Foods Belgian wafflery in 331 Cortland, invites all of Bernal to help stuff the online ballot box [like, now], because Suite Foods Baking is a finalist to receive a business development grant from the Whole Foods supermarket chain:

We were selected as a finalist to receive a local foodmaker grant from Whole Foods. The winner of the grant will be decided by voting on the Redwood City Whole Foods FB page. We’re going up against some impressive-looking businesses so I’m hoping you can help us gather support from the Bernal community. Here’s the page where the voting is happening, and I believe the deadline is Wednesday. The grant amount will be equal to 5% of the store sales on July 2nd.

Here’s the process:

1. You need a Facebook acct,
2. You need to “like” the Whole Foods Redwood City page
3. Then you vote.

PHOTO: by Suite Foods


3 thoughts on “Stuff the Online Ballot Box to Help Suite Foods Grow Sweeter

  1. Done. And I got to learn about some other fantastic local vendors that are putting out some wonderful products. Currently in 3rd place after I voted:

    Spread the Love – 314
    State Street Honey – 232
    Suite Foods – 114
    Coconut Bird LLC – 43
    Break Brittle – 14
    Vita Vis Nutrition – 0

  2. Hi everyone! Sivan here. I know we’re a bit of a long shot right now, but with the support of Bernal Nation I think we have a chance. We just got word that we’ve been accepted as a vendor at Outside Lands this year, which is awesome but has quite a few upfront costs. This grant from Whole Foods would go a long way towards covering deposits, health permits, and the wafflization of a food cart that will become the most wafflely waffle cart ever!

    Voting ends tonight at midnight so please vote and get your friends/loved ones/enemies to vote as well!

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