Bernal Heights Featured on Cover of Aspirational Fitness Magazine


Well, isn’t this rather stylish?

Neighbor Travis just got his July 2014 issue of Runner’s World, and — wouldn’t you know it! — the cover shot shows some buff-looking dude standing astride our very own scenic-looking Bernal Hill.

Run Strong! Stay Cool! Avoid Dog Poop!

Meanwhile, if you want to know what a homegrown Bernal Hill running superstar looks like, ignore the guy shown above, and instead look for this fleet-footed guy cruising around the neighborhood.


25 thoughts on “Bernal Heights Featured on Cover of Aspirational Fitness Magazine

  1. Blast from the past– I’d made several comments on the article about Dick’s marathon… and not put two and two together that, after a .74 mile move from one side of the hill to the other, Dick is now my three-doors-down neighbor and we talk running often. Great reminder of the small-town awesomeness of Bernal!

    • Heather, that you? Damn! I have a subscription to RW and am a bit chagrined they went
      with eye-candy young cover boy instead of someone who’s actually done a marathon up there. One unanswered detail from the running of 2.5 years ago was cleared up when this same fine blog posted a detailed topographic map of the Hill. The elevation change on a lap around is 118’… thus the BHM was 26.2 long and 3,186′ high. Sadly, the event was probably a one and done, unless someone else crazy enough comes along and talks me into doing it again.

      • I assume that running mags are for people who desire to run but never will, and pick up the magazine because they think that if they run a little they’ll eventually look like the guy on the cover, who (from what I can tell) probably doesn’t run at all. It’s like those cooking shows, aka “food porn” — if people actually COOKED the meals taught on the cooking shows there wouldn’t be much need for restaurants, would there? Yet, dining out has more than tripled in the past 30 years.

      • RW is a real runners magazine for real runners, and the guy on the cover is probably also one. It’s just that they didn’t have to photoshop him onto the Hill from out of town.
        They tend to put beefcake and cheesecake covers out (usually two different covers per month- one M and one F) A gnarly 65 yr old (self) on cover probably wouldn’t snare too many casual newsstand buyers.

      • Even so, there is something called the Baby Boom, which is comprised of a huge number of people born between 1946 and 1964. Putting a Baby Boomer such as yourself on the cover would capture a lot of readers in that generation, just as Alex Trebek sells life insurance on TV and Duane Kuiper sells solar panels.

      • What have I posted that is erroneous? I didn’t say you weren’t a runner; I didn’t say that the guy on the cover wasn’t a runner; I didn’t say anything was Photoshopped. I said that people buy running magazines and watch cooking shows because of wishful thinking, not reality, and thus THIS is the reason why Runners World always has younger folks on their covers. After Rodale took over Runners World, they did a redesign which increased its circulation by about 25% at a time when most magazines were losing subscribers. What redesign was that? Well, part of the redesign was the elimination of photos of older folks on their covers.

        The transition happened in 2004. Note the pre-redesign models look natural, like the folks who live next door, like you, perhaps. Then mid-2004 we’re seeing tight-fitting clothes, breasts, and muscles, and the runners featured are a decade younger than on the previous covers.

        Here’s a URL to the Back Issues website showing the change:

      • I love that such a catfight could erupt over whether or whether not the guy on the cover of Runner’s World is a real runner. For the record, they usually are.

        And, yes, there is a lot of movement in who buys runners magazines– if this were not the case, you wouldn’t see “how to run your first 5K” on the cover every 6 months. But, for the most part, Runner’s World readers are a dedicated bunch of folks who actually do run. A good blend of info for newbs with enough heft to keep us oldbs informed.

        (Then again, I both cook meals featured on the cover of cooking magazines AND go out to restaurants, so who am I to judge?)

    • doxler, i am an avid hill runner and would TOTALLY join in for a BH marathon – would love to help be an organizer, participant and possibly even finisher or (depending on participation..if < 3)…medalist!?! you rock!

      • Lynn—well, since Smurf is also interested, I guess I should at least re-consider a re-do.
        Will give Todd the OK to give you my email and we can talk. Why not?

    • That’s that program where you pixelize all the pixels, right?

      No photoshop here. (Well, there’s probably some retouching, there always is.) But I saw this shoot in progress on the hill around 3 pm one day ~2 months ago. One bounce light. I think mr hunky had his shirt off when the dog and I walked by.

    • you beat me to this comment! he probably was featured because she’s already had her moment in RW. 🙂

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