Tiny Bernal Eartquake Shack Selected for Cool Style Contest


Neighbor Elyse lives with her girlfriend Olivia in a gen-u-ine 1906-surplus earthquake shack here in Bernal Heights. Their tiny home was recently selected as a nominee in Apartment Therapy’s “Small, Cool” contest:

Name: Olivia
Location: San Francisco, CA
Square Feet: 250
Division: Teeny-Tiny
What I Love About My Small Home: The best part about our converted San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Cottage is easily the vaulted ceilings. Not only do they look beautiful but they make the space look much larger than it really is. We also love how smart our landlords were when renovating this tiny cottage, making sure to put closets and storage areas in every typically unused nook and cranny. This home might be small but it’s just the right amount of space for us and our tiny dog.

If you would like to help stuff the ballot box, you can favorite it here.

PHOTO: Via Apartment Therapy

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  1. She came to us at Nevada near Tompkins. Friendly, no collar, may have had kittens a little while back. Please help find her owners ( or new owners). Thanks!!!

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