Wednesday Evening: Local Runners Invited to Join San Francisco Road Runners Club for Bernal Heights Invasion


Inspired by that sexy issue of Runner’s World magazine that featured Bernal Heights on the cover, the San Francisco Road Runners Club has decided to invade Bernalwood tomorrow evening, and you’re invited to join them.  If you run, and you enjoy company, meet for the group run tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 23 beginning at  6:30 pm at Precita Park Cafe.

Neighbor Aleks is a member of SFRRC, and she tells us:

The San Francisco Road Runners Club (SFRRC) will be doing a Bernal Heights Neighborhood Run on Wednesday, September 24th!

We would love to have fellow Bernal runners meet up with SFRRC to do a 6ish mile loop and learn about the running club (we are always looking for new members). The run will be a running tour of Bernal/Noe/Mission that begins at Precita Park Cafe, then goes up to and around Bernal Hill, down to Cortland, then to Holly Park, down Mission to La Leguna, down Church St through Noe to Mission Doloroes Park, then looping back to BH down Valencia to 24th to Harrison and back to Precita Park.

Confused? Don’t be – we will have detailed turn by turn running directions and a map available. It will be a hilly run (at least the first part), but we will keep the pace conversational and walking for parts of the uphill is ok. The run will begin at 6:30PM, followed by food and drinks (paid individually) at Precita Park Cafe after the run (around 7:30/7:45).

SFRRC is a not for profit organization that is part of the Road Runners Club of America. It is completely a volunteer run organization that welcomes runners of various abilities and provides awesome support, weekday runs, weekly long runs, training plans and coaching. It’s basically a group of super cool and laid back, but crazy folks who like to torture themselves by training for races of all distances (half/full marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, ultra marathons etc).

Here’s the link to the club’s website: (the Bernal Heights run and PPC are mentioned under Upcoming Events). Also see below for recent club email announcement (remember the lovely photo from BH on the cover of Runner’s World a couple of months ago, which you tweeted about – see below – this is what set this Bernal Heights Neighborhood Run in motion).

Bernal Heights Featured on Cover of Aspirational Fitness Magazine


Well, isn’t this rather stylish?

Neighbor Travis just got his July 2014 issue of Runner’s World, and — wouldn’t you know it! — the cover shot shows some buff-looking dude standing astride our very own scenic-looking Bernal Hill.

Run Strong! Stay Cool! Avoid Dog Poop!

Meanwhile, if you want to know what a homegrown Bernal Hill running superstar looks like, ignore the guy shown above, and instead look for this fleet-footed guy cruising around the neighborhood.


Bikini Jogger Spotted, Briefly, by Puzzled Bernal Neighbor

bernalbikini This morning brings a fleeting glimpse of Bernal’s fast-moving Bikini Jogger. Neighbor Jonathan logged it:

Bernal bikini jogger sighting – 1/28, morning.

While starting my car I noticed a yellow blur in the rear view. Puzzlement soon turned to excitement, realizing I was witnessing a mythical Bernal celeb – the bikini jogger. By the time I came to my senses to record the event, she slipped back into the Bernal foliage and quickly out of sight.

Okay Ladies, Let’s Bernalcize!!!


I found this photo on the Instagram yesterday, and it came with some handy workout advice:

Try this pilates mat flow this morning to build heat and strength in your center.

Top photo: – Begin in Upstretch treading through your feet. Inhale float the right leg to the sky, exhale reach out of the heal to place it back on the mat. Alternate sides. 6 lifts on each side. Finish by coming forward into plank to hold for 8 long smooth inhales and exhales. Don’t lock/hyperextend your elbows 🙂

Bottom photo: – Begin with legs in table top, pelvis in neutral, and start pumping your arms up and down vigorously “hundreds” style. Keep the pump of the arms and move legs from table top to a high diagonal. Slowly move the legs down to hover above the floor 2 inches. Hold the hover for 5 rounds of hundreds percussive breath. Remember to exhale all of your air in order to build lung capacity. The more you exhale stale air the more you can breathe in new life. You must make space for new air! Joseph Pilates always said…”treat your breath like an internal shower.” A moment by moment cleanse of tension and toxins. How does it feel?! Don’t lie to me 🙂 Try it out and then write a comment. Come on now…Rome was not built in a day. Consistency is vital! Practice everyday to transform your body and mind. Once it becomes habit you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Remember: make it burn!

PHOTO: @Epicself

Xtreme Unicyclist Shreds Gnarly Steeps of Bernal Hill

I noticed him last weekend as I approached Bernal Hill from the southern entrance; he was silhouetted against Sutro Tower and the setting sun. He was standing on the rim of the old gravel pit the Bernal snowboarders call Rock Quarry, and as I got closer I noticed that he was leaning on… a unicycle!

But it was no ordinary unicycle: It had a beefed-up frame and one knobby tire; it looked a lot like a monster truck (if a monster truck had pedals and only one spoked wheel). I moved in warily for a closer look:

I watched him look down the rock steep face, and pause for a meditative moment on the lip of the couloir…

… and then — TOTALLY XTREME!!!— he dropped in!

Dude rode it all the way down, smooth as glass, and didn’t stop until he hit the flats below.

Impressive. Maybe next time he can try doing it while also juggling bowling pins or playing an accordion.

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

Bernal Bikini Jogger Immortalized in Street Stencils

Our beloved Bikini Jogger enjoys a legendary reputation, and now her aura shines even brighter, thanks to some street art stencils that pay homage to her famous fitness technique.

Bluepearlgirl spotted the stencils around Bernalwood:

So this had me in stitches!  I thought it was just great. Our elusive Yeti on pavement!  I stopped in at Chuck’s to get a soda, and then continued on up to Holly Park.  When my friend and i got to the top of the stairs, I couldn’t believe it!!  There she was again!  Our Bikini jogger, immortalized again in paint.

PHOTOS: Bluepearlgirl