Finally! All-New, Expanded Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar Set to Open Next Week


Mmmmm. This is a post I’ve been looking forward to for a long time…

As veteran Bernalwood readers may recall, in November 2012 we shared the news that Chef Tim Archuleta’s critically acclaimed Ichi Sushi planned to move into a larger location just across Mission Street.  Now, at last, the new space is ready.

The new Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar will open for business next week at 3282 Mission St. at 29th, and Erin Archuleta provides the details:

It’s been 22 months since we started this project, and it feels really joyful now that it’s all coming together.

ICHI Sushi will be in the front and NI Bar will be in the back. Executive Chef Tim Archuleta will head up the two spaces, with Sous Chef Erik Aplin overseeing the constantly changing sushi menu, and consulting Chef Chris Kiyuna contributing to the hot dishes. ICHI Sushi will continue as a sushi bar, an NI Bar will specialize in Japanese bar food and izakaya.

For ICHI, the sushi bar will remain the primary focus, but the new space gave us the opportunity to lay it out a little better with tables accommodating groups and families. Assistant Manager Shasta Webb will support with the reservation and special event requests.

NI Bar’s Bar Manager, Ken Furusawa, has crafted a beverage list offering a larger selection of sake, shochu, specialty beer, and introduce low alcohol cocktails. At NI Bar, look for grilled meats and warm stews in season — traditional izakaya food changes all the time, and we will too.

The original ICHI space will only be open until Saturday, Feb 15. Then we will lightly renovate for a few weeks, and it will reopen as a Japanese-style oyster bar.

Your Bernalwood editor visited Chef Tim at the new location a few weeks ago, as he was deep in the final stages of Construction Mode.  Ichi 2.0 looks terrific, with a smart design that divides the restaurant’s generous floorplan into a series of smaller, more intimate spaces, and a bold mural/etiquette guide dominating the south wall:


Erin also shared this interior photo, taken Alanna Hale:


If Ichi 1.0  is any indication, the food at the new joint will be oishii. Plus, as destiny would have it, the new Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar sits right across the street from the Pizzahacker’s new shop, so all of a sudden we’ve got a serious food cluster happening right here in the Dominion of Bernalwood. Lucky us.

Big congrats to Neighbors Tim and Erin, good luck, and we’re excited for the yum.

PHOTOS: Top, Chef Tim in the new Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar, January 20, 2014,  by Telstar Logistics. Bottom photo, Alanna Hale

8 thoughts on “Finally! All-New, Expanded Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar Set to Open Next Week

  1. I’m pumped for this. Can we work out a secret Bernal handshake or code word to get neighbors in faster?

    Congrats on quickly becoming a gem of The City, not just Bernal.

  2. Good Luck Ishi Sushi with your new digs…..yum!

    If any Kami are listening, it would be heaven on Bernal for a Japanese noodle joint to appear in our fair area.

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