Help Wanted: How You Can Identify Potential Crime Hotspots in Bernal Heights


Neighbor Sarah, your intrepid neighborhood crime reporter and SFPD liaison, needs your assistance. She’d like you to complete a survey that will help identify crime troublespots around Bernal Heights:

The Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center periodically collects a list of the crime/safety “hot spots” in the neighborhood. A hot spot is a problem area where crime occurs OR where environmental factors may make the area conducive to crime.

We ask people to identify things like broken streetlights, overgrown trees that block the lights, places where illegal dumping often occurs or where people congregate, etc. Last year, we got a very high number of responses from this survey, which was extremely helpful.

On Feb. 28, we’re going to tour these spots with SFPD, DPW, and Supervisors Campos and Wiener or their staff members, and we’ll make a plan of who’s fixing what. Last year, we had a few neighbors from specific problem areas join us to provide more commentary on those specific issues, and it was really useful – so please indicate if you’d be willing to do this for your micro-neighborhood.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey.

IMAGE: Bernal Heights crime map, Feb. 5-11, 2014 , via CrimeMapping

5 thoughts on “Help Wanted: How You Can Identify Potential Crime Hotspots in Bernal Heights

  1. I was at Holly Park this AM (as usual), and another dog walker said she noticed a guy walking on the sidewalk around Holly Park circle and down Appleton, who seemed to be casing cars and driveways.

    553-0123 is the non-emergency police line when you see things like this.

  2. Crime in Bernalwood? How could that possibly be? It’s the coolest part of city one week and a “crime hot spot” the next.

  3. YEAH! Thanks, Sarah. I just did the survey for a hot spot on Park Street between Leese and Mission. Lots of illegal dumping and lately, broken car window glass. 😦

  4. Ditto! Illegal dumping is a weekly occurrence on Tompkins/Peralta and car break-ins are frequent as well. Hope to see some movement on these issues.

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