Starbucks Comes to Bernal Heights (to Film a Commercial. Whew!)



Don’t be alarmed by all the mysterious cubes on Bernal Hill today… it’s just Starbucks filming a commercial.

Wait… STARBUCKS??!!  Eeeeeeeeeeek!

Neighbor Emily tells it:

Was walking on the hill this morning and came across a nice photo op!

Apparently it’s top secret,  Starbucks is filming a commercial on our hill.  Ok we can share our hill, but they better not try to open one in our ‘hood!


PHOTOS: Neighbor Emily


20 thoughts on “Starbucks Comes to Bernal Heights (to Film a Commercial. Whew!)

    • I didn’t know they even had commercials, but I like good espresso, so am not a customer anyway. Plus, I am sure that they would have paid all applicable permits. Just sure of it!

  1. Why is it “Starbucks, eek? Let me guess. All the pc correct people in San Francisco who see fit to define what is and is not good for us are so f**king proud of themselves.

    San Francisco urban arrogance is what will kill this city.

    • Hey noemonkey! If we wanted to go to a Starbucks we would have moved to Noe!

      In all seriousness, I think it is okay to hope we don’t get a corporate coffee store. It’s just a preference for the kind of dynamic local entrepreneurism that makes cities s

  2. I’m probably the lone dissenter here, but I for one would welcome a Starbucks with open arms for one reason: public safety. Cortland becomes a bit of a ghost town after dark, and any business that stays open late and draws lots of customers (not just Starbucks) enhances public safety by providing additional eyes on the streets.

  3. This is money Starbucks is paying for a (presumably) local ad agency. The more creative work generated in this city, the better. Interested to see where they went with this.
    I can’t necessarily argue for another Starbucks being brought into existence, Cortlander is right that something open past 8pm up there would be cool. At least Terra Mia on Mission stays open late the way a coffee shop should.

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