9 thoughts on “A Video of Yesterday’s Colossal Moonrise, as Seen from Bernal Hill

  1. Lovely! thank you for sending, was still inside at work when this occurred , but did see the full moon as I walked up Cortland last night.

  2. Lovely! Really nice scene! I was hoping someone would do something like this as I saw the moon rising on my way back from the store.

  3. Great job. The moonset was beautiful this morning, too. From my perspective it set right in the saddle of the Twin Peaks. Stunning.

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  5. It was actually the smallest full moon of this year, and the smallest full moon in 1,000 years. The moon’s orbit is elliptical and when it’s at its furthest point (apogee), it is 30,000 miles farther than its nearest (perigee; aka Supermoon). This makes for a small, but not insignificant, difference in apparent size. January’s full moon reached the full phase just 2 hours from apogee. Won’t happen again until 2154. But this video is still awesome and would look virtually the same if it was a ‘supermoon’!

  6. I also mentioned on Twitter last week that the neighbors’ dog, Travieso, sped up 20x sounded like Pac-Man dying at 0:52. After listening again, I’d revise that to say he sounds more like he was leveling up.

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