Tonight! Seriously! FREE PIZZA from the PizzaHacker


It’s an impressive thing that Bernal Heights was just named the 2014 Numero Uno Hottest Sexiest Neighborhood in the United States, because that award was given to us before the very delicious PizzaHacker opened for business on Mission at 29th Street.

Today, the PizzaHacker is having its grand opening. That’s great news for pizza lovers, but it may also put Bernal on track to become the Numero Uno Hottest Sexiest Neighborhood in the Entire Galaxy by 2015.

And on top of all the good news, there is one more tasty tidbit to share: Tonight, January 16, 2014, the Pizza Hacker will say hello to Bernal Heights by serving pizza for free.

You read that correctly: PIZZA FOR FREE

The PizzaHacker’s Jimmy Simpson tells Bernalwood:

We just finished painting and the bar is done, so we are having an opening party tomorrow for the Bernal residents. We told a few people, but mainly we wanted to invite locals to try the pizza and introduce ourselves.

We are going to charge for drinks but the pizza will be free. Word on the street is that we are opening at 6 but any Bernal resident is welcome to show up at starting at 5.

So bold. So simple: Free pizza. Tonight. Courtesy of the Pizza Hacker at 3299 Mission Street at 29th. No coupon required, but displays of the secret Bernal Heights hand signal are strongly encouraged.

They’re expecting you.

PHOTO: A marinara pizza from the Pizza Hacker, by Telstar Logistics

15 thoughts on “Tonight! Seriously! FREE PIZZA from the PizzaHacker

  1. “Hacker” in the web site name is not compatible with my work’s internet security measures. Too funny. The web site name is a troublemaker, but the pizza looks good. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. I don’t know. Cons: Looks like 5 pm is the exclusive Bernal time – and that’s too early. Might be crowded. Tomorrow is Pizza night. Pros: free pizza.

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  4. Went at 5:15 with 3 little girls. Everyone who works there is super friendly and trying hard. The pizza was tangy and delicious, giving Vega a run for their money. They said they had 160 doughs prepared, and when I drove past at 6 the doors were closed! I’ll definitely go back and happily pay $15 for their delish pizza and good service. (hi, sarah!)

  5. Got there at 5:45 and was lucky enough to get a seat within 5 minutes and had a pizza on our table within 10 minutes! As always, the pizza was fantastic…maybe a little salty on the crust though. The only real complaint I have are the costs of sodas. At $3 a pop, you would expect free refills…also could be a little more generous on the wine pours. Wine was served in short bucket glasses only half full. Maybe it was only tonight since the pizza was free. We will definitely be back for more but most likely to take home instead where I can pour my own wine 😉

  6. I attended the pizzathon and met Jeff, the owner. The place was mobbed. They had some good beers on tap at a reasonable price ($4 for a 16-ounce Magnolia). The restaurant was mobbed. I much prefer the casual feel (a la Taqueria Can-Cun with the picnic tables and benches) to the typical restaurant seating most places have. I think they’d do just fine.

  7. Went Thurs night to the opening and they had a big crowd. Maybe a bit more than their pizza ovens could keep pace with. Staff was great. Pizza tasty with creative combinations.

    Will say that my kids were not liking either the pepperoni (it was a good, but spicy variety) or the cheese pizzas (light on cheese for them), and that brought up a good question.

    Is a good pizza joint just one that has good pizza or one that I can go to and have the kids enjoy too, so I enjoy my pie and a beer.

    Now before everyone starts saying that kids should learn to like REAL pizza and all, we know there are many styles of pizza, and I happen to like several of them, including what Pizza Hacker serves up. But with a family, I need to have everyone eating, or in have to save it for date night out with the wife.

    Two options for pepperoni maybe, spicy or mild?

    If not, it may well still be Goat Hill with the family and Pizza Hacker with the wife. At least for my kids.

    Welcome to Bernal. Happy to have a good pizza place around the corner.

  8. It was really delicious. Brought the kids and the 2 year old ate it right up. The service was lovely although I will say, I don’t know how prepared they were for the large crowd, because it took a long time to get served. We were sharing with neighbors, so the pies on the tables went quickly. However, free, good, pizza is hard to find and I appreciate them doing it. I will be back!

  9. awesome time last night at PizzaHacker. The place was a crazy scene. the free pizza was delicious! cant wait to go back for more

  10. We drove by on the way home and the parking spot right in front opened up (can’t have a B’wood post without parking talk, right?). Destiny. Delicious pizza. Nice people.

    I even ran into the Mr. Bernalwood himself, accompanied by the Bernalwood Cub Reporter.

    We’ll be back (but probably sans kids).

    • I do a lot of my visitin’ based on whether my parking karma is working. Once around the block and I found parking right outside the 3300 Club. Definitely this was destiny. The pizza was good. I can’t think of the last time I ate a whole pizza by myself.

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