Confirmed: Bernal Hill’s Verdant Transition Now Underway

With the arrival of some recent rainstorms, we are pleased to report that the chromatic transition of Bernal Hill from parched brown to verdant green is now underway.

La Lengua’s rebel spokesblogger Burrito Justice recently noticed that Bernal is turning green as he enviously looked up at our hill (as he is wont to do):

Indeed, the change is so conspicuous, I even noticed it while waiting on the checkout line this weekend at our Taoist Safeway on Mission Street:

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics (top, bottom) and Burrito Justice (center)

6 thoughts on “Confirmed: Bernal Hill’s Verdant Transition Now Underway

  1. Dear Bernalwood,
    The Inwood-Marble Hill-Washington Heights phrase, “waiting on line,” is unintelligible to us average residents of Bernalwood’s hinterlands. The idiom used in our culture (west of the Delaware River, east of the Housatonic, north of the Rio Grande) is “waiting in line.” I suspect, too, that in the metropole of Bernalwood (whose core is perhaps Red Hill Books? Wild Side West?), linguistic habits favor “in line,” though my residency in Bernalwood’s far-flung provinces (Outer Inner Inner Sunset), precludes firsthand testimony.
    Regionally yours,
    Jason Dewees

  2. Oh, and, we were just this very morning contemplating the lovely re-emergence of our annual Mediterranean-climate greenery – thank you for the delightful post!

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