Would-Be Burglar Found Dead in Bernal Heights Home

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The residents heard a ruckus upstairs, and the SF Chronicle reveals what they found when they went to take a look:

San Francisco residents in the Ingleside neighborhood [sic] found a dead man in their bathroom Friday night who appears to have been a burglar who accidentally killed himself trying to escape, a San Francisco police officer said.

Residents in the 600 block of Bank Street called police at 10:46 p.m. Friday after finding a man in their bathroom who appeared to be unconscious but turned out to be dead, Officer Maria Donati said Saturday. She said the residents did not know him.

Donati said the police do not consider the death a homicide and turned the investigation over to the San Francisco coroner.

The coroner’s office identified the dead man on Saturday as Michael Gallegos, 53.

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16 thoughts on “Would-Be Burglar Found Dead in Bernal Heights Home

  1. I am assuming Bank Street = Banks Street? I think there have been 2 other break-ins in within a block or so of this area (one on Prentiss and one on Folsom) in the past week. I wonder if this was the guy responsible for both of them?

    It would be interesting to hear more details on this story, and the other two burglaries.

    Source: http://www.crimemapping.com/map.aspx?loc=prentiss%2520st%2520and%2520tompkins%2520ave%252C%2520san%2520francisco%252C%2520ca%252094110

  2. That house is the “tweaker house” that’s been there for years. There’s got to be more to the story than what the Chronicle reported.

  3. Ugh – last week it was a drug house on Andover burning down and this week a “tweaker house” death? My partner and I are wondering if we made the right choice moving to South Bernal last year. Every block in the neighborhood seems to have a house like this, (we’ve had to call the cops about a house on our block several times for illegal activities). Is there a South Bernal neighborhood group that we can join so that we do not have to suffer the druggie/ criminal neighbors alone? It is totally unacceptable that South Bernal is ruined by a few bad apples for the rest of us who want to make this a desirable part of SF to live in.

    • These guys aren’t that bad, kind of like….we don’t bother them, they don’t bother us. I haven’t had a problem with them since I’ve been here (~15 years), I see the cops there every once in a while, but never anything as serious as this.

    • One tip is that the City Attorney’s office is often the right place to go in dealing with this sort of thing. There’s only so much the cops can do if the illegal activity is not visible to them when they’re there. The City Attorney’s office can sue landlords and owners for code violations, which sounds like a very roundabout way to deal with a drug house but is often more effective. The City Attorney code enforcement contact for the Ingleside police district (which Bernal is in) is Jennifer Choi: jennifer.choi@sfgov.org.

    • Bernal is not a bad neighborhood compared to what it used to be. Ya it has its crime here and there but it’s the City. There are way worse places to live in the city beside Bernal. Basically if you don’t give anyone a reason to bother you you won’t. I wasn’t driving for a while and would walk through Bernal all the time very late at night after work and never had any issues. Plus the crime is always pettier crime compared to just a neighborhood over in Hunters Point and even the Mission where you have to worry about shootings and stuff like that.

  4. The 300 block of Nevada Street has a tweaker house ! My partner and I have to call the cops all the time. Seems like every street has one in South Bernal. Neighborhood group sounds like a great idea!

    • Wait, what? I live on the 300 block of Nevada Street, and I don’t know of a “tweaker” house… Some neighbors with WAY too many people/cars at one house, but nothing like you describe. 400 Block of Prentiss that backs Nevada, yes. But that house has been renovated and is now $1M+ and for sale.

  5. Sorry you dont know about it but it is ture. The family with all the cars sounds like the crakhead / tweaker house ! Do your homework you can look it up on bluoz or google his name it is under Turning Mid Market workers into crackheads and they have lots of video of that house smokeing crack. I know for sure the fater is a crackhead not sure what the fat looser son is on, The police have been out many times to the house as well as SFswatt team. The good news is that the house is in foreclosure ! So i hope the will be on there way out !

    • JayJay…how R U and Jen?
      I hear these mofo’s from our house on Jarboe and Putnam…it has sure been quiet there lately but I noticed Mr.G is back out of rehab and sitting on that bench in front of that shack. Let’s all get together soon and huff and puff and blow the Crack House down…LMAO!!!!
      This new neighbor Walsh has it right, too many people and cars, as soon as a read that post I knew it was the yellow house and that youngest son of his now is a some type of wanna-be skater punk, me and wifey caught him throwing a pair of old shoes up on the wires 2 weeks ago you know the calling card for drugs for sale, as usual we called PG&E and they removed them the next day. Plus that little bastard is tagging up the neighborhood with his tag…can’t make out the symbol but I don’t think it’s gang related like his fat brother that is back. That entire household is on permanent Social Security and all the money they get from renting out those illegal rooms is apparently not illegal as I called the Bldg. Dept and they said they do not have enough staff to investigate it. Iwill eventually blow up when they are cooking the dope. Dept.

  6. JayJay…KRWalsh mentions a house with way too many cars & people at the “CRACK HOUSE” let’s call it what it is since that’s the drug of choice for Mr. G and the son (fat one) always smoking the bong /pipe talking to himself or that poor pitbull mix he got last year, you think it’s his new baby momma. Now the young skinny son is following in his older brothers path…so sad as he was really turning into a nice kid FINALLY…he was a little bastard when he was 8-9 years old. I never walk on the that side of the street anymore because I am so sick of them. JayJay how you and you and Jen have dealt with them for the last 7 years is a miracle and without you and I (along with Beth) constantly calling the non-emergency at the Ingleside station it would have gotten worse. Daytime drug dealing, cars coming and going all hours of the night, the buyers pulling up and blocking everyone’s driveways and when Mr. G sits in his car blasting some old AC/DC with some whore he picked up at Club Malibu high as a kite. The SWAT team…that was 3 years ago and fat boy was locked up for a good 9 months…oh if only he was still there, we had peace and quiet. So krwalsh it’s true. major drug house (It is yellow if that helps you) and it is one of the few original remaining temporary houses built for the survivors of the 1906 great quake.I have a contact at the Ingleside PD that knows all about this house if you want to know more I can drop the info off in your garage door mail slot. They are harmless, but regardless they are loud, obnoxious they rent rooms out to anyone off the street, last car count was 6…Mr G had his car (Black Mustang) taken away and now he is in some residential drug treatment program but he comes home on the weekends and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Like JayJay said, the house is in foreclosure AGAIN, this is like the 10th time, they always manage to catch up on their payments from selling drugs and they will never leave. At least he is not driving drunk and hitting people anymore. Oh and he thinks that driveway cut-out is his garage ven though the house does not have one, he is so stupid he actually hangs a “NO PARKING” sign from the raggedy chain link fence. Well, we have made it this far and South Bernal is a great place to live regardless of these idiots, me and my partner call the police on them all the time, my wife is always too scared to call so she makes me do it.

    Tina 🙂

  7. Saw the video. Very interesting. Recognized Gomez right away. What a messed up family – Whew! No wonder the nearby neighbors call the police all the time. We’ve been waiting 30+ years for mid-Market to be upgraded. Maybe with Mayor Lee it will actually get done. Know the crack house, too. Hopefully, this time around the foreclosure goes through & the loser Gomez family are put out of the neighbhorhood. Maybe an emminent domain can be done. The City has done this many times in Bayview/Hunters Point, as drug houses are a huge problem.

    Randy Shaw/Tenderloin Housing Clinic has got to be one of the biggest poverty pimps in SF. Maybe someone can answer this for me – How can you claim yourself as a non-profit when you own 20+ buildings?! This was in an article about the non-profit owners in the Tenderloin. All of them seem to be very wealthy.

    A few years back, a friend bought a RS/THC tenement for over $3 million. You should see it now – It’s been converted back to its Art Deco glory with 1-3 bdrm apts,complete with dining rooms, & the kitchens & bathrooms have been put back into each space, plus the fireplaces also have been restored – It’s a gem

    Bernal Heights is a great place to live. Been here 12 years. Know my neighbors (much better than when I lived in Noe Valley), we watch over each other. My house is at the end of the block from where I get off on the bus. Sometimes it takes me 20 mins to get home as there are usually neighbhors out & about taking care of their front gardens; we stop & chat – Very nice indeed.

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