Family From Moultrie Fire Seeks Help Finding Housing

There have been several residential fires in Bernal Heights during the last few weeks, with the predictable result that several local families are now trying to get their lives back together.

We’ve told you a lot about the Andover Street fire recently, but the family from the Moultrie Steet house that caught fire on October 30 would welcome your assistance in their quest to find a short term lease or sublet to live in while their home is repaired. Neighbor Matt writes:

I am the owner of the house at 672 Moultrie which burned on Tuesday.

It was a kitchen fire — apparently caused by a faulty toaster oven — and no one was home at the time. Our neighbor Traci smelled the smoke and called 911.

We are a family of four (wife, two kids 5+7), and we are looking for a 2-3 month rental anywhere nearby while we rebuild.
Any help we can get finding a place (2-3 bedroom) would be greatly appreciated. We hope to stay in the Bernal, Mission, Noe, Glen Park area, since our kids go to school at Leornard Flynn on Precita Park. We were told that renovations could take 3-4 months.

Insurance has been taking care of everything so no need for any other community support. Thank you!

So there you go. Please contact Neighbor Matt at <mattlz AT yahooDOTcom> if you have leads or suggestions.

Thanks as always, Dear Citizens of Bernalwood, for your interest and compassion.

PHOTOS: 672 Moultrie burning on October 30, 2012, by maxlug

2 thoughts on “Family From Moultrie Fire Seeks Help Finding Housing

  1. For my own information, could a faulty toaster oven spontaneously start a fire if it is not “on”?

    Will gladly pass on any leads for this family that come my way.

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