Xtreme Unicyclist Shreds Gnarly Steeps of Bernal Hill

I noticed him last weekend as I approached Bernal Hill from the southern entrance; he was silhouetted against Sutro Tower and the setting sun. He was standing on the rim of the old gravel pit the Bernal snowboarders call Rock Quarry, and as I got closer I noticed that he was leaning on… a unicycle!

But it was no ordinary unicycle: It had a beefed-up frame and one knobby tire; it looked a lot like a monster truck (if a monster truck had pedals and only one spoked wheel). I moved in warily for a closer look:

I watched him look down the rock steep face, and pause for a meditative moment on the lip of the couloir…

… and then — TOTALLY XTREME!!!— he dropped in!

Dude rode it all the way down, smooth as glass, and didn’t stop until he hit the flats below.

Impressive. Maybe next time he can try doing it while also juggling bowling pins or playing an accordion.

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8 thoughts on “Xtreme Unicyclist Shreds Gnarly Steeps of Bernal Hill

  1. One of the many weird things I’ve learned running Muni Diaries is that mountain unicycling is called “Muni” affectionately. WORLDS COLLIDE!

  2. Can’t help thinking that if this was a mountain biker he’d be derided for tearing up the chert.

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