Trippy “My Morning Jacket” Video Was Made in Bernalwood

OMG, did you see the thing in Rolling Stone about the fabulous new video from My Morning Jacket??

My Morning Jacket have unveiled a stimulating new video for the druggy ode “Outta My System,” featuring Zach Galifianakis as a powerful wizard in a cartoon world. “Told me not to smoke drugs, but I wouldn’t listen,” sings frontman Jim James, before he and the band enter an animated landscape worthy of a peyote trip. After landing in the psychedelic alternate reality, the musicians become cyclopses, traversing the trippy universe in a hotwired cosmic car.

Check it out:

As we all know, a freaky video “worthy of a peyote trip” can only have come from one place: The Dominion of Bernalwood. And where in Bernal Heights?

Bernal celebrity Michael Gilette writes:

Here’s something made in Bernalwood. I made all the artwork  and directed the animated portion of this My Morning Jacket Video on Lundy’s Lane.

Wow! Hotness!!! Oh, and here’s the proof: Neighbor Michael gets a big honkin’ production credit at the end of the vid:

Lots more eye-popping images from the video right here.

Congratulations, Michael, and thanks for making us all slightly more glamorous.

3 thoughts on “Trippy “My Morning Jacket” Video Was Made in Bernalwood

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