Resplendent Tree Moose Found in Bernal Back Yard


Researchers working in a remote Bernal Heights back yard recently made a most startling discovery: The Resplendent Tree Moose, captured during a rare moment of repose in his leafy refuge. Prof. Mason of the Bernalwood Exotic Species Project sends us this exclusive footage:

In this episode of Wild Kingdom, we track, at dusk, the Resplendent Moose in his native tree top habitat of Bernal Heights. Witness the careful attention to detail as it dons its ritual “sleeping mask” all while resting comfortably in the high tree tops it calls “home.” Never before seen on camera is the pre-bed time appliqué of pajama bottoms over-the-underwear-mask. This behavior is unexplained and we can only subject it to the scientific community at large for advice, comment and explanation.

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