Cops, Campos Coordinate to Catch Criminals in Illegal Dumping Caper

All garbage, all the time. That wasn’t the original vision we had for Bernalwood; This blog was supposed to be all about deep glamour, conspicuous consumption, and fabulous stories about Bernal Heights glitterati. And soon, Bernalwood hopes to return to our usual vacuity. But today, after a miserable string of four (4!!!) illegal dumping incidents during the last week, trash is the topic of the moment. Even the San Francisco Examiner has taken note:

The wee hours of Wednesday morning marked the fourth time in recent months that a dump truck has quickly rolled up the peak, dumped a load — in a handicapped parking space, no less — and rolled back down into obscurity. All in a matter of 10 minutes.

And then, over the weekend, the hill experienced three additional brazen dumpings; one ended with a pile being set ablaze. On Sunday morning, a trail of household filth could be seen leading to a charred mass of hot garbage.

A local blog — Bernalwood — is on the case, along with neighbors who have mounted a camera on Folsom Street and have even solicited help from a “forensic architect” to provide clues on the origin of the dumped material.

Supervisor David Campos has taken notice as well.

In a comment last night here on Bernalwood, Supervisor David Campos announced that he too is on the case:

I just saw this item and want you to know that we have alerted the Department of Public Works and the Police Department of the situation. Illegal dumping is unacceptable. I want to thank Bernalwood and everyone who informed us of this matter. We will do everything we can to deal with this promptly and will continue to monitor the situation. Thank you again.

And what of the investigation? Suffice to say, tips and information provided by Bernalwood readers have provided some very strong leads for law-enforcement to pursue. How strong? Let’s just say… this strong. We hope to have more — and more satisfying — information to share soon. But for now, it’s probably best for us to let the investigators do their jobs.

In the meantime, Bernalwood has a word of caution for any would-be illegal dumpers: You can sneak around in the shadows. You can drive under cover of darkness. But you cannot hide. There are many of us. We are watching. Bernal’s all-knowing, all-seeing Eye of Sautrito will find you. You have been warned:

IMAGES: Top, David Campos via Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal. Eye of Sautrito, by Joe Thomas.

4 thoughts on “Cops, Campos Coordinate to Catch Criminals in Illegal Dumping Caper

  1. Again, widow O’Brien of Cortland Ave (i.e. Bernalwood of Precita Ave) has called to her neighbors to help get back her cow. “Men and boys used rocks and clubs (replaced by HD surveillance cameras) in an encounter that drove the pound men away-never to return to the hill.”
    Other than the newer hardware not much has changed since 1913. These are our homes and we grew up here darn it! What part don’t they get?

  2. Glad to hear that Sup. Campos is aware of what’s going on. I am very happy with how responsive his office has been whenever I have contacted them with concerns and issues in our neighborhood.

  3. Why? We do not need the Chronicle or KTVU helping these people by keeping them current. All this noise helps the dumpers get away with their activities by keeping them on alert. Now it will be much harder to get them prosecuted or fined. Or worse, they will find alternate routes to meet their objective (ones where there are no cameras). I suppose the good news is the dumping will seize-for now. But the flip side is they get away-again. We had this. We where on to them. Honest we where. Without the medias big mouth. Oh well, it was one good effort on the neighborhood. I must say.

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