Bernal Yoga Relocating to This New Space at 908 Cortland

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you’re probably familiar with many of the common positions: The Downward Dog, Warrior, The Child’s Pose, and so on. This week, Bernal Yoga will introduce a new set of poses called The Studio Relocation:

It’s with great excitement to announce we are moving to a brand new space in Bernal Heights. It’s just five blocks down the street at 908 Cortland Avenue. We will be across the street and very close to the 903 Restaurant and Sandbox Bakery.

The new studio has a larger practice space with lots of natural light, high ceilings, brand new cork floors, and an open reception area. We are working with local artists, designers and friends to bring in familiar touches from the previous location as well as custom pieces for the new space. We can’t wait for you to see it. The initial work is almost done.

Here are the details on the transition:

Monday, May 7th: Last day of classes at 461 Cortland Ave. Please Join Jacqui at 7:30pm for the last class.

Tuesday May 8th: No Classes

Wednesday May 9th: No Classes

Thursday, May 10th: New Studio at 908 Cortland Opens: (Regular class schedule resumes.) Please join Carlin at 7:00am for the first class at the new location.

We are having an open house on Saturday, May 12th from 6:00-9:00pm. The event will feature live music, specials on class passes and other goodies. We hope you will come by to help us celebrate.

Regular visitors to Bernal Yoga should make note of the new location at 908 Cortland, lest you find yourself standing outside the old space while practicing the ancient pose known as The Confused Patron. Namaste!

PHOTO: Interior view of Bernal Yoga’s new studio space at 908 Cortland, via Bernal Yoga.

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  1. What’s moving into the old space? Anything interesting?

    • Don’t know but speaking of new businesses- the old location for Dan’s Cleaners has a new permit up for Chinese massage.

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