Seating Options Multiply on Bernal Hill

Bernal Chair 2

The east side of Bernal Hill is in full bloom, with abundant native wildflowers, grasses, and invasive radish. This year, there’s also a new addition: at least two wooden chairs have recently sprouted up.

Bernal Chair 1

The two specimens have decidedly different morphologies, but I’m not expert enough to determine if this is due to genetic differences or simply variation due to differing microclimates. (The one in the top picture enjoys some shelter from the wind.) If anyone in Bernal Heights has a background in geo-ergonomics, please feel free to weigh in.

PHOTOS: Jobius

7 thoughts on “Seating Options Multiply on Bernal Hill

  1. Was going to post a photo of that chair last week when I found it and sat for a bit. We used walk our dog Benny at spot (god bless his soul). So fabulous that us up here in Bernal do these things and know it’s unlikely the chair will be stolen.

  2. A chair or two oh nooooooo– once upon a time ( circa-1956) I saw a table– a sofa –a chair or 2– –a stove– some curtains==oh wait a minute they were in a house—wait aminute I was in that house— amidst a man and a woman and 3 very handsome young men— right about where there is a person sitting in this photo. There was also another house close to it that had gone before and if climb about 1/2 down on the north side you might stumble upon some cement foundation pieces from a structure long gone before my time and close to that maybe even some “wild” rose bushes that manage to survive. Besides the fantastic view of downtown I could see the rooftop of my house to right the top of Montcalm St– I know where to find my heart in S. F. BERNAL HEIGHTS–Yep

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