Stealth Aircraft Captured Flying Over Bernal Heights

A planespotter affiliated with the Bernalwood Air Force captured something rather unusual this morning:

Just got back from breakfast with a friend, and we were checking out the city view from my back set of stairs.  To the east we saw a set of contrails heading west, and I speculated they were tourists heading to the bliss of Hawaii.  Just as they reached due south of us, they began to make a turn to the northwest with the second aircraft weaving along the patch of the first one,  Grabbed my Nikon and took a few shots and you can see what did a fly-by of SF.

Let’s zoom and enhance:

And even more:

Wow!  Look at that! There’s only one plane shaped like that: It’s a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, conducting an overflight above Bernalwood. For comparison’s sake, here’s a photo of a B-2 taken during a 2010 airshow:

B-2 from below

All that expensive stealth technology should come in very handy to evade La Lengua’s infamous “Ring of Salsa” defensive grid.

PHOTOS: Above, Bernalwood Air Force Planespotter. B-2 closeup up by Andrew Abernathy

5 thoughts on “Stealth Aircraft Captured Flying Over Bernal Heights

  1. That’s awesome. We used to spot B-2s when I was living in Saint Louis many years back. It’s crazy to think of seeing one out here. Don’t these usually do operations at night too?

  2. the technology must really work. I saw them too, and it looked like the other jet didn’t know it was being followed. What WAS going on there? The foil wrapper is also very effective (and much cheaper) but it does fall short in that you can still smell the mouth watering al pastor.

  3. Very cool! I saw them from San Jose flying from the East to the West, thought they were Hawaii-bound, then saw them make the big turn North.

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