Bernal Has a Cute New Store for Vintage Clothing

31 Rax

Attention fashionistas! 31 RAX is a new vintage store at 3309 Mission Street, in the Bernalwood/La Lengua Liminal Zone. The place is very cute, and it’s off to a charming start:

My name’s Stephanie and I recently opened a Vintage/Thrift store on Mission at 29th called 31 RAX. I handpick, clean, tag each piece myself. The clothes are funky and one of a kind. My space is beautiful and I plan to host events — live art, music, dance, and more. If you have free time, come by the store and take a look around.

Or better yet, let’s let Stephanie introduce herself in person:

Welcome to the neighborhood!

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

3 thoughts on “Bernal Has a Cute New Store for Vintage Clothing

  1. We met Stephanie while walking by her store. It wasn’t quite open yet but she was most gracious in letting us come in and chat for a spell. We’ll be back!

  2. Previous tenant of this space, a gym called Bad Joe’s Body Shop, went out of business. But I believe the proprietor still lives very close by as I see him coming and going. Bad Joe’s wasn’t a fit for me, but they offered innovative classes and the interior space was used beautifully. I know a lot of people enjoyed both the classes and hanging out there. RIP, Bad Joe’s!

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