Bernal “Bikini Jogger” Spawns Terrifying Speedo Imitator

We just received this photo in the Bernalwood Newsroom. As you can see, Bernal’s Bikini Jogger has spawned an unfortunate Speedo-clad imitator. Our tipster says:

I don’t know who it was but he caused the white balance meter in my camera to break.

Noooooooooooooooooo! Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend.

PHOTO: Mason Kirby

33 thoughts on “Bernal “Bikini Jogger” Spawns Terrifying Speedo Imitator

  1. Maybe this is the new form that the Occupy Wall Street movement will take. I have to think that the 1% would agree to higher taxes if the Speedo joggers would JUST STOP.

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  3. So why is the speedo jogger labeled “unfortunate” and the female jogger is not? Or is this a site for hetero males only who like to drool at women in bikinis?

    Seriously, people. Get some diversity in your life. Bernal is not that back woods, is it?

    • I think it is because Bikini Jogger has a beautiful tight tanned (evenly) body. I have to say, it is becoming apparent to me right now how much that tan really works! Maybe it is all about the tan afterall! Her color choice is more creative in suit and, well, frankly, Speedy Speedo needs to look into flip flops, gladiator sandals or at least NO visible socks. You know those socks have more fabric than anything else worn on either one. It kills the Streamlined Super Slick Speedy Speedo look.

      • absolutely sums it up perfectly Emelie! And I am a hetero female who finds this all amusing especially since she has been running past my house for months now!

  4. This blog is usually a model of neighborliness. Which is why it surprises me to see someone held up publicly for ridicule here. The “bikini jogger” posts also seemed borderline hostile, but were at least closer in tone to the Blog’s regular “relative newcomer to the neighborhood loves its eccentricity” posts.

    • wow, disagree. This is all in good fun, the comments are tame. Or at least they were until all the readers were compared to drooling hetero males and backwoodsy. I think we need to lighten up here and continue in the spirit of Bernal : )

      • Highly disagree as well!! Having a good sense of humor is required to read and understand these posts. It was all nothing but fun positive hypothesis. If you took these posts as negative (I am sorry if you take this as a dig or being mean. It is not, just a litlte advice to lighten up.) maybe you need to read a bunch more of these postings to get the tone of the neighborhood. I believe that the reason i enjoy this site so very much is because of its intelligence as well as its irreverent sense of humor that is a thread binding throughout. A sense of humor these days is all that some of us have. It is what is keeping us from peering over the edge of disgruntled-ness! Take another read with this perspective and maybe it will sound different… more how the rest of us feel/ see it. 🙂

  5. OH NO! An average, normal man! How DARE he expose his clearly inferior body in public!?
    Couldn’t he have at least sprung for a spray tan!? And how dare he wear socks! He deserves blisters for being so pasty white in this tropical, constantly sunny city. derp.

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  8. To honor Bikini Jogger and Speedy Speedo’s lesson of “harden the eff up, people, and defy the elements”, I did take off my longsleeve shirt and do part of my run in a tank top this morning. Baby steps. Baby steps!

  9. As for the people saying “lighten up”, as a pale-skin individual who has been running for a lifetim, it’s annoying to have people remark that you appear ugly if you choose to take your shirt off like everyone else and can take quite a hit on the self-esteem. The truth is not everyone actually can get tan; this guy probably cannot get the same tan that that woman can. But why should that deprive him of the right to be able to show his body in public without his body being ridiculed for his white skin?

    The thing is you would not like it if someone were making negative comments about your body, so do not pass it off and do it to others. Everything’s a joke until you’re the one who is the object of ridicule. Consider the golden rule before you write off the fair grievances of others.

    • I personally dont mind a little crisp whiteness if guys take their shirts off or/and wear shorts. I am gonna get real here. I think the real issue is the clothing article ‘the Speedo. These have NEVER been well received here in the USA. And I personally do not really need to see the outline of your package while i am walking to the pet food store. Unfortunately it is somewhat societal as to what is in fashion. I also have to say the only time Speedos have’nt bothered me was when i did swim team at the same time that the water polo guys practiced… and they wore 2 or 3 in layers so not to get ripped off. Less obvious package display made it more ok. Lets face it people… not everyone can wear anything that they see. Usually the younger (not that young!) wear less and as we grow up we get a little more covered, so maybe it is an age thing too. but Steven, Please dont worry about exposing a little white-ness! You are not going to be ridiculed. Just dont step out in your lovely white-ness only wearing a fig leaf ok? 🙂

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  11. Arnold, if that is how you chose to see it, even after all of these explanations as to what forms their basis of humor, then, To you i suppose it is always going to sound like ridicule. It was all good natured fun. I think whoever CHOSE to wear his tight undies/ speedo to go running, I think he is doing it in part for shock value. What did Speedo expect? To become the next Bernal elusive yeti:? If so, he needs to try something that HAS NOT been done already. If i went out in my skimpy’s trust me, i would have earned my right place of good humored ridicule too. If you step out almost naked and are not built like an adonis, you may receive ridicule in the sweetest of way too. It sounds like you are taking this VERY very personally. Is that you up there… Mr. Speedy Speedo?

  12. Sexist Bigotry as usual. Women go out on runs exposing every as much skin in swim bikinis all the time… hardly anyone say’s a thing, and most macho sexist men even applaud it and love it !

    He is fully covered, as much as any lady out biking or jogging in swimwear, which I’ve seen many many girls out doing this over the years w/o any complaints whatsoever .

    so why all the bigotry and bias against males ? I had one lady put it to me like this ” Well we women are -liberated- “…. ” But men aren’t … and there for should not ” !

    I think that kind of sums it up even if the comment is biased.


    • Emelie’s typical American anti male attitude rear its ugly head when others take umbrage to her comments. It is so ingrained into our current culture and way of thinking that she doesn’t even question it but try to rationalize and justify it. Note how quickly the hostility comes out of her.

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