Skateboarders Grab Big Air in Bernalwood

While the national fitness media was fascinated by Bernal’s fascination with our bikini-clad jogger (or worse), the underground-enthusiast media was busy filming a skateboard shoot elsewhere here in our mediagenic neighborhood.

Photojourno at-large Adrian Mendoza stumbled upon the scene:

Out for a walk today on Bernal Heights, came across a film crew documenting 3 skaters as they were coming down the sidewalk on Ripley Street at Alabama Avenue, dodging the occasional pedestrian and Muni bus.

Compared to jogging, this ride looks vastly more friction-free:

PHOTOS: Adrian Mendoza

5 thoughts on “Skateboarders Grab Big Air in Bernalwood

  1. I see skateboarders attempting tricks there much more often than any one individual has seen the Bikini Jogger, I’d bet.

    I think I’ve seen them with video equipment (like, the heavy kind, not a simple camcorder). I’d like the micro-interview done for them, too — what are they filming for? some sort of project?

  2. They’ve been doing that for at least a year. I see them as I get off the 67. I’ve chatted with them; they say they just film and post on YouTube for fun. Nice photos.

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