Sunset Report: Warm Night Delivers Perfect Light

Just Another Perfect Sunset

Just Another Perfect SunsetRecall, we began the month of June with a freakish rain storm. Now we mark the official start of summer with weather that is actually rather summer-like. So bizarre! So surprising! So seductive. So… WARM!

Indeed, last night was particularly lovely, with balmy air, no wind, and no fog. So I headed up to the Hill to grab a few snaps.

Just Another Perfect SunsetBlessedly, tonight’s forecast looks just as warm and pleasant, which is good news for this evening’s Summer Stroll on Cortland. See you there.

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

7 thoughts on “Sunset Report: Warm Night Delivers Perfect Light

  1. Indeed. Terrific photos and wowza to this weather phenom. All this heat sorta makes me want to stay inside during the day, however. Isn’t that ironic!

  2. Pretty amazing photos. Since I’m learning more about photography all the time, would you care to share the ISO, f-stop and shutter speed of those photos? Did you use a tripod?

    • Yes on the tripod! Also, Pro Tip: You can view all that data for any Flickr photo by clicking on “View Exif Data” option under the Actions tab above each photo. Here’s the data for that pic:

      Just Another Perfect Sunset

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